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Blame Brotzman, no: Blame the Broncos

When the Broncos whispered their way into Mackay Stadium in Reno, Nev., the No. 19 Wolf Pack came in howling.

RENO, Nev. — Going into the locker room, the No. 4 Boise State Broncos had to feel like they had control of the game and their BCS, Western Athletic Conference and potential national title hopes. And they did.

When the Broncos whispered their way into Mackay Stadium in Reno, Nev., the No. 19 Wolf Pack came in howling.

Despite holding Nevada to only seven points in the first half, BSU (10-1, 6-1 WAC) couldn’t slow Nevada’s (10-1, 6-1 WAC) charge. Nevada held the Broncos scoreless in the second half of the game until junior quarterback Kellen Moore checked a pass down to junior running back Doug Martin for a 79-yard touchdown to take the lead 31-24. The Wolf Pack evened the score on the next drive on a pass from Colin Kaepernick to Rishard Matthews.

With 0:13 left in regulation Moore did what he does best, close a game in stellar fashion. He hit senior wide receiver Titus Young on a 54 yard shot downfield to put BSU in position for the game-winning field goal. Senior kicker Kyle Brotzman missed the 26-yard attempt to send the game into overtime. He would do the same during the Broncos’ first and only overtime drive from 29 yards. Nevada’s Anthony Martinez would hit a 34-yard field goal to finish BSU, 34-31.

It would seem Brotzman would be a perfect patsy to lay blame. Heck, he did miss two consecutive chip-shots to take control of the game.

But the Broncos didn’t. They were well aware how many points BSU had scored early and how many they gave up late. Blame was the last thing on their minds.

“I have seen him (Brotzman) yet,” junior running back Doug Martin said immediately following the upset. “I’ll pat him on the back. He’s got to be having a hard time right now. Keep his spirits up.”

Focus started to turn to the seniors, sending them out the right way and letting everyone know Brotzman wasn’t solely to blame.

“It’s not his fault,” junior safety George Iloka said. “We’re going to have to keep our heads up. We’ve got another game next week. Let the seniors go out in good fashion with a win. It’s not his fault. Everyone made mistakes out there today. Everyone didn’t make the plays they were supposed to. He’s got to keep his head up, like everyone else. We’re all distraught right now.”

So now what was once a storybook season reaching its final chapters has now turned to a rare disappointment for the Broncos. National attention will surely turn to TCU and its 12-0 season and make a run at the BCS. The Broncos can only hope for a similar scenario as the 2008 Poinsettia Bowl and a chance to redeem against a quality opponent. Nevada definitely was.

Just know there was more to the loss than Brotzman. A blown 17-point first half lead and multiple miscues allowed for small bumps that eventually added up to one giant upset. Next season is new. Moore is back with a few new faces making their way forward and a solid defensive unit that learned a few lessons against the Wolf Pack.

Best things for BSU stakeholders to do is say goodbye to Kaepernick and be proud of a team that has accomplished more with what it had than any other BSU team up to this point.

Two more games to go. Let’s see what the Broncos have taken away from Reno.

10 Comments on Blame Brotzman, no: Blame the Broncos

  1. Cry today and maybe tomorrow. Come Monday let it go and focus on the present.


  2. HAHAHA i love it. See what happens when you play nothing but high school teams? Can't even beat Nevada. National Championship? ENJOY THE HUMANITARIAN BOWL!!

    • A lot of teams couldn't beat Nevada you SILLY GOOSE. Besides, Broncos beat them for the last 12 years, so its chill. Also, I think that no matter how much mental discipline Coach Pete tries to instill, the best team in the world can still get cocky and screw up a little bit. I understand that everything outside of the SEC is high school, but how are the players outside of that conference supposed to play at that level if they aren't getting paid like Cam Newton?

      • Sorry, I didn't know it would censor those words. For clarification, I meant " the best team in the world can still get a little to sure of itself (c.o.c.k.y.) and mess (s.c.r.e.w) up a little bit.

  3. I just want to say –

    Some Boise State fans should be ashamed… OF THEMSELVES

    I have heard that crazed fans want to 'shoot', 'hurt', 'put pills in his drink' etc…

    His mother had to call the police after harrassing phone calls at the end of the game last night…

    HE did not lose the game. The entire team lost the game…

    Show some respect!

  4. I might be able to muster a tiny bit of respect for Boise football if they got rid of that awful turf. It hurts my eyes on TV. A team that plays on blue turf is nothing but a bad gimmick. Glad to see them lose. Consdering the schedule they play, it takes a lot of effort for Boise to lose, so I'm sure we'll hear them squealing and whining again next year..

    • You mean like the squealing and whining of the poor armchair quarterback who's eyes are hurt by bright colors? I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of it myself, but the endless crying about it is straight up ridiculous.

    • It would be gimmicky if they put in the turf last year. But it has been there since the 80s, before anyone could have even imagined how legit the Broncos would become (since they already possessed such swag, it was hard to fathom more swag). As for your ocular deficiencies, it is written: And lo Gene Bleyermaier said unto them, "Place not the green turf upon the field, for it is impure. The color of the astroturf must be Blue" and so they laid a fine Blue Turf in Bronco Stadium for all to see. And when it was finished Gene came to them again and said, "The worthy shall bask in the glory of the Blue, for all time, Hallelujah. And the spite-filled heathens shall be blinded and filled with agony, for they are not worthy". And the Bronco Nation saw that it was good. So… sorry about your eyes…

  5. Oh good grief! To the idiot complaining about the color of our turf, is that all you got? Enough already! You claim it hurts your eyes to see it on tv, but you still watch? Yeah, sounds like you can't take your eye off of it. Our blue turf is here to stay and we love it! To the idiot stating that we play high school teams, really? Oklahoma, TCU, Oregon, VA Tech, Oregon State, Nevada, Fresno, and Hawaii aren't high school teams. To the idiot who opened the phone book after drinking his allowance away in the bars. Sober up before you reach for the phone and make a complete arse of yourself. If you were a real fan, you would know Bronco nation can take a loss and move on. Go Broncos!

  6. As a fan I can't help but have a sick feeling inside after the loss, but what makes me even sicker is to hear people harp on Brotzman…Lets not forget that he started the drive (with the fake punt) that won last years Fiesta Bowl…Like the article says, the team made some mistakes and paid for it…Welcome to the real world. I'll be wearing my Kyle Brotzman jersey come game day…Go Broncos.

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