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Hookers and skanks and whores, oh my!: Some Halloween costumes are too much

The ones who get invited to parties because everyone knows, without fail, they will be drunken hot messes by the end of the night.



We’ve all seen those girls.

The ones who get invited to parties because everyone knows, without fail, they will be drunken hot messes by the end of the night.

This isn’t always a bad thing — everyone deserves a laugh. And a great way to get a few decent chuckles is to observe the Hallowsluts.

These are the girls who believe Halloween translates into, “By all means, wear the least amount of clothing possible!”

Hilarious? Without a doubt.

Sensible? Not in the slightest.

Though the average person in America is spending roughly $66.28 on Halloween related items according to the National Retail Federation, it sadly doesn’t mean the spender gets more for his or her money. Rather, Halloween has become a contest to see just how scandalous girls can dress.

Plenty of women will undoubtedly dress up as a voluptuous vampire or a pirate wench. But as always, there are bound to be plenty of fairies, flappers and sailor girls shaking their T and A. And of course, most of the costumes stop about mid-thigh and leave little to the imagination.

While some ladies (and men) obviously enjoy this, it puts an incredibly degrading image on the rest of the female population. Not all of us want Halloween to be an excuse for women to flaunt everything they’ve got.

BSU junior and social work major Karlo Mercene said, “Revealing is fine. But a lot of girls reveal way too much. . .and some of them are girls we don’t want to see anything from. Halloween is a fun holiday… not ‘Skanky Day.'”

And let’s face it — if Halloween is the one day a year a woman plans to let loose and dress like a hooker, chances are, there’s a dirty little hooker hidden just beneath her surface.

These women need to realize one thing: they will most likely be made fun of. Not by the other scantily clad women or by the men who are trying to get in their pants, but by the observers who watch them struggle with their overly-revealing costumes.

“I think some (costumes) are a bit over the top,” Boise State anthropology and French major Katherine McBeth said. “… It has to do with the desensitization of society. Just like in TV, sluttier things are allowed… I don’t want to see anybody running around in their birthday suit anytime soon.”

There are plenty of ways to spice up the Halloween season without revealing every inch of the human body. For example, one could dress up as the Orbit Gum Girl or Flo from the Progressive commercials. Even parading around as one of the Fanta girls would be better than a woman bending over in an “oh-so-sexy” nurse’s costume and showing everyone her downstairs setup.

These still cute, and fairly cheap costumes would be both classier and more sensible — the temperature for the Halloween weekend is supposed to be around 50 degrees. If girls think it’s acceptable to dress in glamorized versions of their underwear, they need to understand that unless their costume is a Smurfette, turning blue is not attractive.

Halloween doesn’t need to be a holiday aimed toward under-dressing. Hallowsluts are without a doubt entertaining but really, who wants to be one?

So please ladies, keep it classy. While indecently dressed drunks are fantastic to observe, no one wants to see body parts jiggling around because the costume can’t contain the inebriation.

13 Comments on Hookers and skanks and whores, oh my!: Some Halloween costumes are too much

  1. Yeah… I'll say it! Get off your high horse. If a woman has enough confidence to dress like a hoochie mama on Halloween, let her. Is it less offensive than the three dudes at the football game with B S and U written on their naked chests? It's not. Live a little! If you are 18 or 21 or 45 and have a rockin' body and you can get away with wearing little to nothing and still think you look like a hottie go for it! Who am I to stop you or complain about you. I could complain about all kinds of other 'inappropriate' clothing we all see every time we go about our daily lives. The muffin top is fairly popular these days. We all have our little personal fashion no nos. But that is what they are, personal fashion tastes. My taste level is not your taste level and who appointed you the Halloween fashion police. Don't pick on the Halloween Hotties! Let them be who they want to be. You can't single out one day, and one group.

    Rock it if you got it my fellow humans, zombies, vampires or whatever.

    • Dawn, I do not think the issue is what type of body the person has, but rather respect for oneself and others — Not to mention listening to God versus the devil! When the Bible indicates not to be a whoremonger, I wonder if giving candy to people dressed indecent, like hookers, is enabling the sin to continue.

  2. "And let’s face it — if Halloween is the one day a year a woman plans to let loose and dress like a hooker, chances are, there’s a dirty little hooker hidden just beneath her surface."

    Sounds like someone has a dirty little puritan hidden just beneath her surface.

    • Interesting that you can use that word in an article, but I can't quote it in a comment.

      • I feel ya. I tried m u f f i n top in my response and got the boot. Pastry roll hanging over your pants just doesn't quite cut it.

  3. I'm surprised to see Karlo Mercene qualify his/her statement on women wearing revealing clothing with the comment, "and some of them are girls we don’t want to see anything from."

    While I understand the thrust of the article is aimed at revealing clothing, in general, there seems to be a bias that says it's OK to be skanky as long as people want to see what you have.

    Perhaps an article regarding this bias would be in order.

    • Timmek, I feel the same way. There is more than looks on this issue. It is about morals versus how you look. No matter how nice of a body the person has, or not, I think it looks ignorant to reveal yourself to everyone, not just the man or woman who is important, significant other, preferrably husband or wive.

  4. This article strikes me as really judgmental – complaining about young kids sexing it up is one thing, but condemning revealing costumes as skanky and saying it makes "all other women look bad" is slut shaming, pure and simple. Sexuality – even in terms of getting in the holiday spirit – is natural and fun, especially if you're of an age to enjoy it. The real problem is not why are they dressing slutty, but why are their personal choices, and their bodies, however they choose to display them your business?

    • Dressing like a skag is not "expressing sexuality". It's a message. One that says: "I'm a skag". And for all you fems out there, dressing like a skag is not limited to females. Just look at this guy:
      [youtube CVR0_nSG6PY youtube]

    • Actually, they make it everyone's business why showing parts that should be personal, public. I know for myself, when you go out to have dinner and a couple of females are dressed to reveal, I find it ignorant and it destroys my appetite. Save revealing stuff for desperate men to find and purchase — not throw it out there for children and people who find it to be against God's word and wonder if that is why innocent people get hurt — because too many females dress too sleazy! I guess that is how the media is brainwashing people to act, especially considering since the Penthouse owner purchased a lot of TV stations, it has only gotten very ignorant.

      I find a lot of what that person wrote makes a lot of sense and I am glad to hear someone speaking up against the garbage rather than putting their head in the sand and not voicing their opinion. Not everyone is a pervert and wants to see crap. I think it is beautiful to act CLASSY. WORK ON BEING BEAUTIFUL FROM THE INSIDE; RATHER THAN BEING EVIL OUTSIDE.

  5. hooker on halloween. // Oct 28, 2010 at 7:58 pm //

    all i've got to say, is that halloween is a holiday where you can dress as whatever you want and hangout with your friends. the whole point is to mock whatever it is that you're dressing up as, at least that's the way i view the holiday. this alone is why it's one of my favorites. if i want to dress like a hooker, let me! if it offends you, stay at home and pass out candy.

  6. the above poster. // Oct 28, 2010 at 7:59 pm //

    h o o k e r * ( :

  7. If the article left the observation at 'women dress this way and I don't like it', cool. But the author attempts to start exploring why women dress this way, and takes it in the direction of blaming the women. Of course everyone ultimately decides what they are going to do on halloween, but would it even occur for women to dress this way if we didn't have social constructions that objectify women and result in things like this? Probably not.

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