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Arbiter sports editor’s letter to ESPN radio/television shows

While BSU might be No. 3, I and the rest of Bronco Nation believe this is unfair treatment and that Boise State has been wronged by the BCS system, again.

ROBBY MILO/THE ARBITER - Boise State faces an uphill battle to play for the BCS National Championship ROBBY MILO/THE ARBITER - Boise State faces an uphill battle to play for the BCS National Championship
ROBBY MILO/THE ARBITER - Boise State faces an uphill battle to play for the BCS National Championship

ROBBY MILO/THE ARBITER - Boise State faces an uphill battle to play for the BCS National Championship

To whom it may concern,

My name is Trent Lootens and I’m the sports editor at The Arbiter, Boise State’s student newspaper. I have been covering the Broncos for three years and I am a student at BSU. As you know, the BSU football team and its quest to play for the BCS National Championship is the hottest topic in college football. When the first BCS standings were released on Sunday the Broncos came in solidly at No. 3. While BSU might be No. 3, I and the rest of Bronco Nation believe this is unfair treatment and that Boise State has been wronged by the BCS system, again.

ESPN’s first weekly BCS Countdown show put a very sour taste in my mouth because of the noticeable bias against the Broncos. Show guests Craig James and Robert Smith said they respect the Broncos, but put them at No. 4 in their top 5 lists. Also, when they tried to explain their respect for BSU they said BSU has proved they can beat big time programs on the road such as Virginia Tech and TCU, but failed to mention Oregon — the team they both had as No. 1 in their BCS rankings. How do you forget Oregon, other than the fact they don’t want to mention the Ducks because it proves their own ranking wrong? I heard them use the term “body of work” countless times when referring to the reason why Oregon and Oklahoma should rightfully be ahead of BSU. Have they even looked at either of those teams’ schedules.

OU has victories against Utah State by 7 in Norman, Okla. (BSU should beat USU Dec. 4 by much more than 7), Florida State by 30 (quality win), Air Force by 3 (AF just lost to San Diego State 27-25), Cincinnati by 2 (Fresno State beat Cincy by 14), Texas by 8 (Good win, but how good is Texas?) and Iowa State by 52 (Not impressive considering how bad the Cyclones are, Utah scored 68 on ISU). Is this really the “body of work” of the BCS’s No. 1 team?

Oregon has victories against New Mexico by 72 (UNM lost to New Mexico State, a team BSU beat 59-0, but could’ve beat 100-0 if the first team played out), Tennessee by 35 (Vols have a horrible defense and are a SEC bottom-feeder), Portland State by 69 (BSU doesn’t play a FCS team this season), Arizona State by 11 (Ducks gave up 597 yards to the Sun Devils), Stanford by 21 (Good win, but had to come back in the second half) and Washington State by 20 (WSU’s only win this season is against Montana State by 2). Is this resume worthy of a a No. 1 ranking in the AP and USA Today Coaches’ Poll?

Boise State has victories against Virginia Tech by 3 (Sure, VT chocked versus James Madison, but the Hokies likely will win the ACC), Wyoming by 45 (The Cowboys never get beat that badly at home), Oregon State by 13 (Played a vicious schedule and lost James Rodgers, the best player on offense), New Mexico State by 59 (NMSU beat UNM and BSU could’ve beaten the Aggies 100-0), Toledo by 43 (Toledo isn’t a bad team as it proved by beating Purdue on the road) and San Jose State by 48 (Alabama beat SJSU by 45 in Tuscaloosa and Wisconsin only beat SJSU by 13 in Madison).

The “body of work” argument the “experts” are using makes no sense. BSU is being punished because of its name, and it’s very clear to see if you actually look at the scores of these games. Plus, BSU junior quarterback and Heisman Trophy hopeful Kellen Moore has only played two entire games this season versus VT and OSU. He didn’t take a snap in the second half vs. SJSU and BSU still beat the Spartans by more than Alabama and Wisconsin did. ON THE ROAD!

Are the “experts” actually watching the games, or are they only looking at ESPN’s highlight clip and the box score? Because if they did watch the game they would notice how easily BSU is rolling these inferior teams. BSU isn’t taking its foot of the gas during these games, it’s pulling the emergency brake.

Not to mention, BSU has the nation’s longest winning streak at 20 games and the longest road winning streak at 16 games! No team is close to either of those streaks, and it doesn’t matter that BSU plays in the WAC because a lot of other teams play easy conference schedules too.

The “experts” say Oregon’s offense can’t be stopped. BSU held the Ducks without a first down last season in Boise for two and a half quarters. It doesn’t matter if it was last season. That is a huge stat that no team can claim it has done to Oregon in the Chip Kelly or Mike Bellotti era! What’s scary is the fact that BSU’s defense this season is better than last year’s. BSU’s defense ranks No. 1 against the rush by an overwhelming margin, giving up a measly 59.33 yards per game. Impressive, considering it has shut down VT and OSU — teams with great running backs. BSU ranks No. 1 in total defense, allowing a nation’s best 210.17 ypg. Everyone, including the “experts,” say defense wins ballgames, right?

Finally, the offensive statistics. The Broncos have outscored its last three road opponents 158-6 and its last two 107-0. That number could be way higher if Moore and the rest of the starters played in the second half! It doesn’t matter if its against Wyoming, NMSU and SJSU. They’re FBS football teams and BSU is on the road. Don’t forget Moore either. His 16-to-1 touchdown/interception ration is the best in the country and he is No. 1 in passing efficiency. He has put up numbers like this for three years and is a Heisman Trophy front-runner without question. As a freshman in his first ever road game, Moore torched Oregon in Autzen Stadium for 386 yards and three touchdowns. By the way, BSU won 37-32, but nobody wins at Autzen. Except Moore and BSU!

I feel like these are huge arguments that nobody wants to bring up because BSU isn’t Oklahoma or Oregon. Having me as a guest on your show would give your listeners/viewers a new perspective that they might have not seen or heard before. It would be different than the regular “experts” who regurgitate the same information over and over and blab about strength of schedule and “body of work.” The people judging and hurting the Broncos in the polls, on television and on the radio don’t understand what they’re saying and they’re not giving BSU the chance that it rightfully deserves. If you put BSU’s “body of work” and its statistics in the place of teams such as Oklahoma and Oregon they would be No. 1 in all polls and in the BCS without question. The hate for BSU needs to end, and I want to do something about it. I want to defend my school and I believe I could do it on the national scale. People need to hear these arguments.

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61 Comments on Arbiter sports editor’s letter to ESPN radio/television shows

  1. DucksToBroncos // Oct 18, 2010 at 4:31 pm //

    That's it!!! Boise State NEEDS to stop bringing up the Oregon game from last season! Forget the quarterback change, the fact the offensive line has all returned, the defense is different and Kenjon Barner who wasn't anything last year might be the best return guy in the nation. Who is the leading rusher in the nation? LaMichael James. He was nothing last year when they played Boise. To keep going back to that game is just showing how desperate Boise Nation has become. Let it go. Stand on this year. You have more than enough to stand on without going back to last season.

    • "Stand on this year," D2B? Is that what Ducks fans were saying when Boise State won in Autzen, or did they blame the loss on being "forced" to play with Masoli instead of Dixon? Is that what Ducks fans were saying during BCS selection last year, or did they insist that they "weren't the same team" that lost to Boise State earlier in the year?

      Boise State has to reference years past because they don't have enough quality wins to stand on their schedule, true, and that's why Bronco fans ARE desperate to get a shot at the National Title, because the only way to prove that they're the best team is by winning the NC game, unless the other team is the Ducks, in which case all anyone will hear is excuses about how they didn't really lose.

      • DucksToBroncos // Oct 18, 2010 at 5:25 pm //

        Going back 2 years is even worse! I'm not even saying Boise doesn't deserve more respect. I'm saying that comparing the '09 Ducks team you beat will NEVER fly with any analyst. As much as you want to go back there it isn't going to help.

        At some point, maybe this year, they have to give you a shot at the title. I haven't seen anything this year to say Boise doesn't deserve the shot. Beating every team by 50+ is impressive. Boise is making everyone rethink the system. I'm going through the same thing with my baseball team. King Felix has made everyone rethink the system this season.

        Good luck, Boise! Love the Turf!

        • Back at ya decoys. Just in case you forgot you were beat two years in a row!!!!

        • Saying a victory two years ago on the road at Autzen is worse, but not nearly as bad as the talking heads on ESPN bringing up the Georgia loss several years ago to justify not ranking BSU higher! Non Conference strength of schedule for the majority of the big six conference teams is a joke. And saying they are beating all these other ranked teams is inaccurate, since the coaches have a hand in ranking the teams-anonomously, I might add.

      • Its a new excuse anytime someone loses to BSU. Its worse with Oregon because we beat them both times. It cracks me up. The first Fiesta Bowl was the same way. The Sooners said we beat them because of 'the trickery' that was used. It was game you idiots and BSU came to kick your butts. Trickery isnt cheating its just smart playing.

    • First of all … thats BRONCO NATION … if your gonna say something say it right.. and its not only last year we beat you … we beat you the year before that too… and we would beat you again if you played us again

    • Howard Russell // Oct 18, 2010 at 5:37 pm //

      Boise States starting running back also does not even get to play a whole game, because of the blow outs. I f he did I GUARANTEE you he would have many more yards per game than LaMicheal James.

    • Dont you think its funny that oregon fans dont want to talk about them being beat by BSU but they will always talk about if BSU were to loose. This is not a fair competition when it comes to BSU, TCU, and Utah. It doesnt matter if Alabama, Texas, LSU, Auburn, and so on loose because they can come back in the rankings. BSU has one shot and and that is it. IF BSU looss any game its over. All the hype turn into a talk about being over rated. ESPN analysts will say it was fate and just a matter of time. BCS schools dont want to talk about what is going to happen if BSU pays for Coaches Trophy and wins. What will happen then? No more talk about how BSU can't take on the big dogs. By the way Oregon's scheule is not tough. Oklahoma isn't either. So take the damn talk about schedule out of it.

    • sooo…you are saying that the DUCK are basically the same team…only better?
      and so is BSU.
      …and the DUCKS still get beat in Autzen stadium by BSU

  2. READ THE WHOLE THING // Oct 18, 2010 at 4:44 pm //

    Did you read the whole article? It isn't just about Oregon! I think maybe you might still be upset about that loss!

  3. He did not say that BSU beat the current Oregon. He said that BSU, basically the same team is last year, beat last year's Ducks, which was a respectable team.

  4. nobody likes boise state…sorry

  5. It doesn't matter if people like boise state or not. BSU could beat any team in all of college football on neutral ground! Voters need to stop being so infatuated with the East teams and let teams play that deserve it! BSU has proved themselves time after time and deserve to play in the national title if they keep blowing teams out like they have… The bronco's would stomp some Oregon TRASH!!! i agree with Trent all the way… Voters need to be fair or quit their so called jobs.

  6. Good points, but missed the mark. First off, regardless of what you want to believe about the Chip Kelly or Mike Bellotti era and it's teams, the fact is only this year matters. What BSU did last year to Oregon or the year before that doesn't matter. Case in point TCU. Last year, BSU beat TCU. But the year before that, TCU beat BSU. Although this year's BSU team is virtually the exact same as last year's, this year's Oregon team is vastly different and much improved.

    Air Force is a great team, and nobody beats up on Air Force. Only 5 teams in 100 tries have been able to beat air force by more than 21 points. Boise State will be lucky to do the same. SDSU is much improved this year and should be 5-1 if it wasn't for the BYU replay that caused the MWC to completely change it's replay rules.

    The fact is, this year is this year. Look at the body of work from this year alone, not previous years. VT will win the ACC as you said, and that will help. BSU did play a great OSU team that will suffer losses the rest of the year because of the loss of a star player. It's easy to play the Oklahoma dominated Iowa state in all facets. Utah did not. OU won by 59, Utah only won by 41. USU is much improved.

    Article aside, here is the most pathetic thing about this entire situation. Bronco fans are complaining because they are the #3 team in the country. There are 120 other college football teams that would kill to be the #3 team in the country, but the fact is, it's not good enough.

    The human voters appreciate Boise State. Craig James may not, but ALL THREE HUMAN POLLS have Boise State @ #2. The BCS computers have them at #7, which is what drags them down. What causes them to be #7? Simple, the win/loss ratio of the opponents they have played.

    Based on that, OU is #1, BSU is #2, and Oregon is #3. OU's opponents have won 58% of the games they have played. BSU's opponents have won 40% of the games they have played. Oregon's opponents have won a measly 35% of the opponents they have played. (so yes, Oregon is overrated right now, but that will change as they hit the meat of their schedule).

    As for Wyoming, 1 team per year on average walks into Laramie and lays a horse-whipping on the cowboys at home. BSU this year, BYU by 52 last year, Texas by 31 before that, Utah by 33 before that. It's a common occurrence (well, more common that BSU losing a game that is).

    BSU #3 is good. Oregon #2 not so much. OU #1 is good. ESPN didn't wrong you, the BCS system did. Put the blame where it lies. As Coach Pete says, you can't control that stuff, all you can do is win games, the rest will take care of itself. He's a smart man. BSU will probably play for the NC, so relax a little.

    • You wrote that better than the dude that wrote the article. Thanks for the level-headed rationale. There seems to be a lot of irrational thinking, and maybe some whining, by Boise fans…but, I think that number 3 in the whole United States is pretty damn admirable. Oh, BTW, the season is only half over.

  7. I just want to see BSU get into some games with some other big teams. Right off the top of my head Oregon is the only team lately that agreed to a home for home out of conference game. At least Oregon had the balls to step up, unlike Oklahoma who wanted to play Boise State again but wouldn't come here to play, only on thier home field.

  8. Well said Ben.

  9. I lived in England for three years, and when I left for the USA, I thought I had left SNOBBERY behind.
    The English nose-in-the-sky snobbery is nothing compared to what is weekly displayed by BCS fans and coaches. It is down-right disgusting and un-American.
    At the end of the season, if BSU, having been ranked in the top 5 at the start of the season, is the only unbeaten team, and still left out of the championship game, I would love to see Congress get involved. It is not far-fetched, because this would be an excellent reason to conclude that the BCS has colluded to exclude non-AQ teams, and that would be an anti-trust law issue. Tax-exempt status is at stake.
    Wouldn't it be ironic if BSU was left out, but became etched in history forever as the little school who broke the BCS?

    • Either way, left out or as National Champions, Boise State will bring the the BCS down once and for all.

    • To every one, all this talk about this year and last year does matter when you hold teams that the pundits say is going to rip you a new one, like they said about TCU who by the way said before we played them that they deserved a shot at the national title, but when we did win, BSU just doesn't, and we held ore to no first downs till the end of the 3nd qt., just lucky they said, and this year VT. had a shot at the title, after we won every one keeps trying to find a reason how and why we do not deserve one, and by the way this year and last matters WHEN YOU RETURN THE ALMOST SAME TEAM IT REALLY DOES MATTER……. when have any of your teams returned the same team only with more experience????? hmmm doubt they have..

      • it really doesn't matter what ANY one " thinks"…the statistics speak the actual truth. Please if in doubt…look at the stats. BSU is a winner

  10. You’re not getting in the title game.

    You’re probably going to get jumped for the non-AQ automatic by TCU.

    You’re probably not even getting in the BCS at all, even if polled #2 or the like.

    Why? The same answer to all of your questions on your article:


    That’s the amount that ESPN paid for the rights to the BCS for the next four years — and the BCS’ web presence is effectively a subsite of ESPN.

    Do you *HONESTLY* believe that, with that kind of money being put out, they don’t want a voice as to who plays for the title?

    As far as ESPN is concerned, you’re in an FCS conference.

    I think that’s full of [excrement], but here’s a trivia question for you to bring this home:

    How many teams have played for the recognized BCS National Championship the last seven years?

    Answer: 7.

    USC (though both appearances are about to be vacated)



    Ohio State




    Why is this important? Take a look at how few schools actually made money on athletics (hint: 14 out of the 120 FBS schools), and then compare that list to the one I just gave.

    They’re going to screw you guys again, and not even kiss you at the end of the night.

    • ESPN has given more love to Boise than most. They have a few notable comentators who look down their nose at Boise, Craig James and Mark May, but the reality is debate makes for great tv. Boise provides debate, a lot of it this year.

      You dont think ESPN has a hand in all the back and forth that goes on in the studio for college football live and shows like that? C'mon man.

      • ESPN is the reason VT played BSU on Sept 4 and not Oct 2. Turned out to be the most viewed football game EVER and was an INSTANT classic…all according to ESPN. I would say ESPN may be manipulating things to their profit?

  11. Bronco Nation Rules // Oct 18, 2010 at 8:13 pm //

    That's it. The money! How far do those eastern teams travel each year? I don't see Alabama coming to the west coast to play. I don't see LSU, Auburn, Miami, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, etc moving to a 2000 plus mile game. They need their rest? This should be factored in to the strength of schedule also. BSU travels more in one year than the whole SEC put together. I think the BCS people are jealous that a program can be so sucessful without spending 1/3 of any of thier budgets. Coach Peterson also out coaches every one of those over paid coaches. He has the ability to put athletes into the best fitting positions and make them stars. BSU is the best team in the nation and deserves to play for the NCS game.

  12. Ben…."Although this year's BSU team is virtually the exact same as last year's, this year's Oregon team is vastly different and much improved."

    Although the Ducks do look good this year….I am confident that BSU would still sink the DUCKS AGAIN! Bring on the bowl game….then we'll see which team is the same as last year!!

    We all know that Coach Pete is like no other coach….he is ranked No. 1 in all polls!

    Hater – if no one likes BSU, then why did we have more fans at the Fiesta Bowl last year than TCU?

  13. anonymous bsu fan // Oct 18, 2010 at 10:33 pm //

    im no expert..i really dont think anything is gunna change. like starcade said..its all about the money and frankly whether boise plays for the championship game or not nothing will change. Now im a big BSU fan just like all of you but all we can do is show some class and be the "bigger" people. Otherwise we end up just as bad as all the haters. All we can do is beat all the teams on our schedule..and lets not forget that we do play a very good nevada team in their house…that could always give a boost.

  14. Should have gone to a real school, that plays in a real conference like the Pac-10. Mid-major's don't play in National Championship games. Sorry, lesson to your kids I guess?

    • Go Ducks, you need to pull your head out of the pond and see where the rain is coming from! BSU would eat your lunch, Right Now! Furthermore after you lose two games this year, my prediction, you'll find out the ducks aren't all there quacked up to be. What would be nice, would be to see us both wrong and see your team and BSU in the title game, that way the whole country would see what a stupid, head in the sand mentality is out there by people like you, by making statements like you did above. I heard the same garbage from Oklahoma fans prior to the 06 Fiesta bowl. In fact I was told we weren't worthy to play them and that they could send in Oklahoma State and they would still clean our clocks. Funny thing is, after their defeat, all of the blowhards of Oklahoma wouldn't even post a reply. Don't belittle a team with dumb comments, especially a team that went into your own house and silenced the crowd!

    • I believe that WAC teams have beat up on the Pac-10 this year. Boise State beat Oregon State and Nevada beat Cal. Which one is the real conference? Shouldn't "real" conference teams beat up on mid-majors, or do they lose to them every year? But lets not bring up the past and how Boise State beat Oregon two years in a row, and the first win was with a freshman quarterback at Autzen….oh wait, I just did bring up the past, my bad.

  15. Its funny how there are two teams represented in the comments here….Boise State (obviously) and….Oregon.

    Funny that Oregons fans are paying that much attention to Boise, considering we are so inferior.

    In fact we are so inferior to Oregon that Oregon has beat us every time they have played us…..wait other way around. MY BAD!

    • Kind of funny really…IF we played the Ducks in a bowl game, after wards, they would have to put 3 zeroes on their helmets…eh? 🙂

  16. Oregon win was not only L A S T season, but first game too! Boise played well and was DEFINITELY the better team, maybe even better than the score showed, but Oregon would've struggled with Washington St that day the way their o-line was playing. (They were brand new as a unit and didn't even play together during spring ball.) You CANNOT tell me that was the same Ducks team that won the Pac-10 Championship. And they're an even (much) better team now, because IT IS A DIFFERENT SEASON.

    And yes, I KNOW THIS IS ABOUT MORE THAN OREGON AND THE BOISE ST WIN IN '09, but that argument was wrong middle-late last year when the Ducks started to figure it out and then catch on fire, so when someone (at ESPN or in Boise) starts using that argument this year, it loses most of any credibility the rest of the argument may've had.

    But I agree, this system ain't fair, it ain't right, but the ONLY way to make it better is some type of playoff, and that isn't gonna happen any time soon.
    My recent post Enjoying the Ride

  17. just want to say this was an excellent article…..and im a duck fan, so I think thats saying a lot. Id like to think we could beat bsu this year but obviously looking at the not so far away past I have nothing to support that. I also fully support the fact that bsu is even better than last year and has not lost a game in…well pretty much forever. yes their schedule is not great but as Trent points out so far their schedule is definitely as good as ours or Oklahoma and bsu has looked more impressive each and every game. We at Oregon deserve to be in top 3(in my opinion over Oklahoma) but unlike bsu we have not looked impressive every game. I mean we struggled with washington state the whole ball game and same with arizona state who gave us plenty of turnovers. We are a good team, hopefully great, but thus far have not proven what BSU has. also the fact that bsu has not lost in more than a year needs to account for something. they are trying to play the best teams they can out of conference…and beating them. and then more than handling the spread in their conference games. Im not saying bsu should stay at # 1 the whole season if they dont lose. but so far they have played a schedule that has been decently respectable and have looked great. OU and UO have played the same caliber of teams thus far and looked less impressive. Also i want to add that Craig made no sense on the bcs show yesterday. He quite clearly has no respect for BSU as trent pointed out. in what way are they # 4 so far? SO many of these analysts have decided not to put BSU in their deserved spot even before the season started. in summary BSU deserves some respect for all they have done to not only win but win big on a regular basis for two years. for now BSU should be #1 based on strength of schedule through the first 7 weeks and how they have man-handled the competition

    • "BSU deserves some respect for all they have done to not only win but win big on a regular basis for two years. "

      Actually, if the Broncos finish this conference season undefeated they will have won 37 regular season games in a row! Nice statement though Ryan.

    • As a Boise fan, I thank you for your words. I have run across VERY few Duck fans that would say what you have said. My second favorite team is Oregon, and it is great when we play each other because it is always good competition for both institutions. Did I mention exciting? Keep winning, so if we meet up at the end the drama will be excruciating!

  18. Get a life Trent .

  19. NoRespectEarned // Oct 19, 2010 at 3:19 am //

    Don't Worry BSU can't Lose to anyone they play even the overrated teams that were ranked early in the season. Everyone else is going to lose a game and BSU should play for a title. They will probably win, due to the fact that the writer pointed out SEVERAL times, that most of the 1st string sat out most second halves of most games. They will be fresh for whoever they end up playing. And Bronco nation will continue to believe that they belong with the big dogs. Put them in a good conference and make them play hard all year… then we can talk about deserving to be up there. It was also very easy to write off close games of other teams and when Boise had beaten them come up with a clever way to make that win more important or more impressive… "Toledo isn’t a bad team as it proved by beating Purdue on the road" "The Cowboys never get beat that badly at home" " and of course "NO ONE wins at Oregon" give it up!

  20. ducks fan suck….

  21. great very informative article with proof to back up his opinion…

  22. Also Important // Oct 19, 2010 at 8:36 am //

    As long as we're talking about historic football information, shouldn't you include Pokey Allen somewhere in your discussion? What a joke of an article.

  23. It is too early to get too excited about all this because the Broncos are still #3 or #2 depending on which poll.

    The problem the BCS will have is, (if) Boise St. runs the table and is left out for a 1 loss BCS school. At that point there will be an investigation into why the playing field is rigged to keep the smaller schools out. At which point some arrogant BCS person will testify before Congress that it was the full body of work that didn't match up. Which will be followed by Congress asking how is it that you looked at an undefeated team going into the season, and rank someone in the top 5 and then that same team keeps winning and you then decide that last year NOW doesn't matter? The BCS and polls did consider THE FULL BODY OF WORK that spilled over from last season to start the season!

    When looking at a ranked team that comes into the season ranked high from last year, you have no problem with looking at LAST YEAR? But as the season goes on if they are not from a BCS Conference you (then) decide to pull the chair out from them even when they have the longest winning streak in the Nation? Your full body of work answer doesn't work, when the BCS has rankings from the previous season on teams that may still be undefeated. Congress will question why they're are NOT considering the full body of work over two seasons. Some idiot BCS guy will say it's the rules, so change the stupid rule.

  24. BSU = No Count // Oct 19, 2010 at 10:10 am //

    "hottest topic in college football"??, unfortunately, you are sadly mistaken… only people in Boise care about this. To play 2 games a season does not a season make. Unless there are multiple losses by teams in front of as well as several behind you, Boise will not sniff the title game and will continue to sink in the BCS standings due to, again, schedule. Again, get in a real conference and try not to be a novelty act with that blue duck pond. Outside of Boise, you are looked as a cute little program in a sad little conference.

  25. They can't help the Conference they're in, and even moving to the MWC won't help them in the BCS. So the system could be under investigation if things go along the way they are. Saying Boise would not be undefeated in the SEC or some other BCS Conference is speculation. But it is a fact that Boise won't be given the (chance) to prove anything. It is flat out un-American. Basically what people are saying is; if you're from Idaho or some other small state you can't play in the big game no matter what you're accomplishments.

  26. Look everyone…this is the reason everyone in the nation hates BS-U fans! They know nothing of college football. They blindly think they're team is the best in the nation (when in fact….they shouldn't even be top 10), and they go around yelling at people to try to be heard.

    Wronged by the BCS? If anyone is in love with the BCS…BS-U should be that team. And SEC teams…but mostly BS-U. Without the BCS, everyone would be looking right through BS-U for what they really are. But the BCS rewards teams for scheduling horrible schedules, so BS-U gets a chance. Reading this…It's going to make it all the better to watch you Donks fail HORRIBLY in whatever you do.

    • Oh gee, why don't you use some more over-used, poorly-thought out ways to make yourself feel superior? Oh man, he called me a donk, I feel pretty bad about myself now. Derpa derp.

  27. SteensMolehill // Oct 19, 2010 at 11:36 am //

    BSU is in a tough spot financially because their stadium is so small. They can’t pay big money for the big teams to come to Boise, and they need to be paid big money (like a million dollars) for away games to keep their athletic budgets afloat. They’re doing the right things in scheduling the best OOC games they can get, but at that rate they’ll never get ahead of the perception curve. If BSU wants to be respected, they need a lot more financial support from their fan base.

  28. Mike in Seattle // Oct 19, 2010 at 11:58 am //

    Oregon fans don't really care about BSU. Only reason we're here is because linked to an article that ragged on this one and made a sound rebuttal (and linked to this article).

    IMHO, this article wreaks of desperation. BSU could beat any team on any given day, everyone knows that. The problem is, they could also lose on any given day to a top 25 team. BSU has the chance to lose once or twice in a season while the Oregons, Oklahomas, LSUs, etc have the chance to lose 4-5 times to top teams.

    Just enjoy your two regular season wins, your now complimentary BCS bowl, and keep pushing with everyone else for a playoff so this can be settled on the field.

  29. nomoretaxplease // Oct 19, 2010 at 12:55 pm //

    BSU still suffers from strength of schedule. The WAC simply doesn't compare to the pac-10. Many people think that BSU can one or two top games a season, but can't win 11 tough games a season. It is what it is…tough luck. The WAC is getting better, though. Utah State beat BYU which was good. Nevada won against Cal (which unfortunately was over-rated this year), Hawaii hung with USC, then beat Nevada. The vandals did better against Nebraska than Washington. So, in non conference games, the WAC has done alright, but inter-conference strength is still lacking. This kills BSU.

  30. If everyone put their biast opinions aside and just looked at the fact the Boise State is playing the best football in the country and has been playing the best football in the country for years, this could all be settled. The fact is that all these fans, players and coaches from the automatic qualifying confrences aren't willing to except the fact that Boise could take them to school anywhere anytime! If these schools don't think this is true then why don't they put thier money where there mouth is and PLAY them? BSU has proven time and time again that they are a great team. Give them a shot at the title and they will prove (once again) that they ARE the best team in the nation.

  31. Sometimes I worry about BSU fans pushing our agenda to hard. But I've decided that you can't push to hard. Since BCS football is won by opinions and not on the field then we have to do our job as fans and make noise for our team. All you haters are you saying we can't root for our team? For all you SOS nuts hear this. If you have the best offense, defense, coaches, (and a nation wide fan base) what does it matter who you play? Would Oregon, Oklahoma, Alabama do any better if they had our schedule? If you think they would how do you know? None of us know how good the Broncos are until they get the chance to prove it. I here by call you out. If you think your team is so much better than BSU, then play them and prove it! I know that money is the driver in the BCS. If BCS rankings were determined by games won per dollars spent BSU would be #1 hands down. I find it real curious there are so many College Football Fans that support the greed that runs this farse you call a championship game. If you are really intersted in seeing the best competirors on the field and not the biggest money generators then let the Broncos play. Its my duty to say it.

  32. BCS CHAIRMEN // Oct 19, 2010 at 5:08 pm //

    If Boise st were to play in the championship game I wouldnt watch it

  33. Yabba - Dabba - Doo // Oct 19, 2010 at 5:58 pm //

    Boise isn't a State .

  34. I am not saying the BSU is not a good team, or that they are not one of the top teams in the country. But if your not gonna play in a competitive conference then you should have next to no chance to play for the national championship games. The reason BCS teams are so heavily favored is because any week just about any team in a conference can beat another. The PAC 10 have 9 teams like this. This is why the a good amount of the teams are not ranked very high..they are beating one another.

    Trent I like how you are saying that you "would have" beat a team 100-0 if your first team had stayed in. You don't think that was the case for the many games Oregon has taken out their first team? Oregon won 72-0 and took out their first team extremely early. You cannot say what the score would have been, sports do not work like that. College football should show you guys not to count wins before they happen, so to say that you would beat the #1 team in the AP and Coaches Poll is a ridiculous statement. Do you have a good chance of winning that game, of course but your fans are being way to naive to just think you would steam roll Oregon.

    Oregon also has a lot of gripe against the BCS as well. In fact many teams have, so your schools poor me approach is just sad. I do not hear TCU balling about their ratings. Get over yourselves and just play your games. If you guys still can't get in then maybe think about switching to a conference that is actually good (and no the Mountain West is not a good conference).

  35. As mentioned earlier, Boise's biggest problem is their weak schedule. BSU fans counter by saying, "No one will play us." Why would a major team want to play in the tiny BSU stadium and take a huge financial hit? Until you have a stadium that seats over 50,000, you won't attract many big names. You will have to go to other's stadiums in ALL of your OOC games. Playing one or two BCS AQ teams each year is not enough of a body of work when the rest of your schedule is Creampuff State. When AQ teams get into the meat of their schedules and players start to have injuries, depth comes into play. Creampuff State won't test your depth so no one believes BSU is really a good team in the long run.

    If you want to be taken seriously, expand your stadium and until then, all your OOC games have to be AQ teams or you will continue to be marginalized. I mean, like, who do you play?

  36. this was fun to read

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