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Howard Dean reaches out to young people

Former Vermont Governor and 2004 presidential hopeful Howard

Dean made a stop in Boise Oct. 30 to speak at the biennial JFK

banquet, an event put on by the Ada County Democrats.

This was Dean’s fourth stop to Boise since last year,

making him the only ‘04 Democratic candidate to visit the

state other than Sen. John Kerry.

Attendance for the event reached about 500 persons, owing to a

large turn out of students who volunteered to help with the event,

including Boise State University College Democrats.

“We respect college students and college voters, and they

know it. We listen to them, said Dean, adding, “We intend to

win back the White House by reaching out to young


During his keynote address, the presidential candidate

highlighted his views on jobs, balancing the nation’s budget,

small businesses, universal health care and the war in Iraq. Dean

also made a point during the evening to speak to the younger

generation of America.

“It’s not so much the traditional college issues,

like college tuition,” said Dean, “It’s a respect

issue. Younger people are very sensitive to the fact that most

politicians take them for granted or figure that they don’t

vote. We’ve never done that and that’s why we’ve

found so much support on college campuses,” Dean said.

Jerry Brady, Idaho’s 2002 Democratic gubernatorial

candidate said, “He has rallied those who’ve had not

interest in politics.”

In a short address to those attending the evening’s

banquet, Brady shared about a recent trip he had made to

Dean’s home state of Vermont.

Brady said he spoke to Vermont citizens while there. “I

asked them what sort of man this is … they all said,

‘He’s the real McCoy, the true-blue, he is what he says

he is going to be.’”

Idaho is the most Republican state in the nation and

hasn’t backed a Democrat for president since 1964. That year

the state’s electoral votes went to Lyndon Johnson. In

addition, Idaho only has 23 Democratic delegates, only about 1

percent of the vote that Dean will need for the Democratic


Despite the state’s lowly position in the quest for the

Democratic nomination, Dean is still taking Idaho seriously.

“On Feb 24 you have a little caucus action here, and

we’d like to do well,” Dean said.

During his closing remarks Dean told the audience, “The

biggest lie told by people like me to people like you at election

time is that if you vote for me I’m going to solve all your

problems,” he said, emphasizing, “The truth is, the

power to change this country is in your hands, not mine.”

Idaho will hold its Democratic caucus on Feb. 24 to decide to

whom they’ll support for the 2004 nomination. From July 26

through July 29, 2004 over 35,000 delegates from across the nation

will convene in Boston, Massachusetts to make their presidential

nomination at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Highlights of Howard

Dean’s Boise speech


“The president has lost 3.2 million jobs since

he came into office and it’s a real problem because there are

a lot of kids coming out of college who can’t find


Balancing the nation’s budget

“The fact is, not one Republican president

has balanced the budget in this country in the past 34 years

… President Bush is ‘borrow and spend, borrow and

spend,’ he is the credit card president. We need to balance

the budget.”

Small businesses

“Instead of investing in big corporations

… we need to start investing in small businesses. Small

businesses create 7 out of 10 new jobs.”

Universal health insurance

“In my state, everybody under 18 has

health insurance … if we can do that in a small rural state

like Vermont and still balance the budget, surely the most powerful

and wealthy society on the face of the earth can


The war in Iraq

“The commander in chief of the United

States military is never to send our sons and daughters, our

grand-children, our brothers and sisters to foreign soil to fight

without first telling the truth to the American people about why

they are going.”

Foreign policy

“After two and a half years of this

presidency you’d be hard pressed to find a majority in too

many countries around the world where people want to be like us

anymore. I don’t think this president has any idea that

defending the United States doesn’t just depend on a strong

military, it also depends on having a high moral purpose and set of

principles that other countries respect … As president I

will restore the honor, dignity and respect that this country

deserves around the world by embarking on a foreign policy that is

principally based on cooperation and not



“The fact is, we have lost more than just

3 million jobs, we have lost more than just our respect around the

rest of the world. What we have really lost is our sense of

community … When I was 21 years old we believed we were all

in it together, that if one of us was left behind then the country

wasn’t as strong or good as it should be or that it could

be…I want the country back that I was promised when I was

21, a country where all of us were in it


Gay-rights and civil unions

“Equal rights under the law applies to

everybody, not just to your neighbors and your friends that you

play golf with. What I want in this country is a president who will

appeal to the very best in us and stop appealing to the worst in


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