Boise State outlines COVID-19 testing measures

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in Boise and the surrounding areas, Boise State has put preventive measures in place and has implemented an…

Boise State Food Pantry reopens with new additions

Food insecurity is a common problem among many college students across the country. The Boise State Office of the Dean of Students reopened…
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Boise State COVID-19 case update

Boise State’s Public Health Office has updated their online COVID Tracking Dashboard and reported 77 new coronavirus cases on campus for…

Media literacy: Understanding bias in a digital world dictated by apps and algorithms

United States adults spend nearly 11 hours per day consuming media in various formats, such as listening to music, scrolling through social…

Tromp outlines Boise State’s financial loss and plans for the semester

In the spring 2020 semester, Boise State lost a total of $14 million in revenues from refunds and a reduction from auxiliaries, like the…

BREAKING: Boise State Athletics announces furloughs and compensation reductions

Boise State University announced plans to furlough and reduce the compensation of the Athletic Department staff, according to an…



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BREAKING: Mountain West reportedly exploring option to start football season in December

Wednesday, Sept. 16. Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson released a statement referring to the possibility of the return to…
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How the Boise State baseball team is handling the loss of their program

The Boise State baseball program played 14 games before it was cut due to the financial effects of COVID-19. On July 2, the school announced…
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Fitness classes return to the Rec with new COVID-19 guidelines

With Boise State’s Recreation Center (The Rec) reopening, the fitness classes held there have resumed. However, the various fitness…