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On Sunday Nov. 9, 2014, at 2:00 PM, Boise State Hockey Club will play against University of Idaho at the CenturyLink Arena. This event will be broadcast live on YouTube by University TV Productions, a media unit of the Boise State Department of Communication.

Please tune in at 2:00 PM to watch the game.

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Patrick Sweeney / The Arbiter

When someone thinks about a rivalry game, they usually think of a past where two teams have been playing one another for years. Very few get to experience one, especially when the tensions are high and the stakes are even higher.

Saturday night when the Boise State Club Hockey team faced the University of Wisconsin Superior at CenturyLink Arena, an
instant rivalry was born. Wisconsin Superior is the farthest team back east the Broncos have ever played.

“They were really chippy and tried to keep hitting after the whistle. We didn’t take too kindly of that,” said freshman goalie Josh

Both teams were going at it from an early stage of the game to the last whistle.

In the 1st period, both teams battled hard as they scrambled to try to get ahead of one another in the score sheet. The Broncos were first to score, getting their goal from junior defender Kevin Costello with 1:30 left in the 1st period.

After a goal from the Broncos to end the 1st period, Wisconsin turned up the pressure and came out strong in the 2nd period as they scored two quick goals to put the Wisconsin Superior Yellow Jackets up 3-1 against the Broncos.

The resilient Broncos came back with an answer as they scored a goal of their own from junior forward JT Smith to finish out the 2nd period down 2-3.

The stage was set for a storybook ending from
Boise State.

10 seconds into the 3rd period Wisconsin Superior scored another goal, adding to the lead, 4-2 against the Broncos.

After that, it was all Boise State.

Both teams continued their rivalry-like fighting, even more so than in the previous two periods.

Smith netted a huge goal for the Broncos, inching closer and closer to the tie. The building momentum from Boise State was apparent in the arena atmosphere

They were playing with confidence.

A few minutes after the goal from Smith, senior center Matt Nukaya-Heady added another goal for the Broncos,
evening the score at four.

As time expired in the 3rd period, you could feel the pressure from both sides as they were headed for

In an overtime filled with fighting, pushing, penalties and arguing, neither team was able to score as they headed to the crowd-favorite: the shoot out.

For all who don’t know what a shoot out is, it’s a one-on-one matchup against a player from the opposing team and a goalie.

“There’s a lot of pressure, but it’s also a lot of fun. You just have to tell yourself that he’s not going to score. You have to come out with a lot of confidence,” Benton said.

With two goals scored from the Broncos compared to Wisconsin Superior’s one, the Broncos made the dramatic comeback win.

The Broncos look to carry this momentum into upcoming games.

“We have a few things we have to work on, but overall: skate hard, keep it simple and put some pucks in,” said Costello.

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Jake Essman / The Arbiter

Boise State Hockey Club the sat confidently at 4-2 last Thursday’s game against Brigham Young University.

But that wasn’t enough for the Broncos. Boise State finished with a 2-1 record of a three game series vs. BYU, Western Washington University and Santa Clara Junior College.

In the first game vs. BYU, a rivalry of the men’s club hockey team, both teams were playing very aggressively, fighting to get in leading position.

The Broncos came out hot, scoring two goals and finishing out the first period above the BYU Cougars 2-1. The two goals were scored by freshman center Cody Gut and  freshman left wing Tyler Kendall.

The second period was a mirror reflection of the first period when it came to scoring. Gut continued his great performance with another goal, while sophomore right wing Morgan Cunningham scored his first goal of the night.

The third period was all about the defense and limiting penalties, which the Broncos excelled at. Boise State wouldn’t allow another goal in the third period, making the final score against  BYU, 4-3.

Junior goalie Will Gagnon held the Cougars back while accumulating 30 saves on 33 shots.

In Boise State’s second game vs. Western Washington University, it was nothing short of a storybook ending for the Broncos.

In the first period it was a dead-even fight between both teams, leaving the score 0-0. It was a period full of defense, but also from penalties as both teams weren’t backing down to one another, causing multiple fights.

As emotions were running high, the Broncos headed into the second period. Finally, offense emerged for both Boise State and WWU. At the end of the second period, the score was 2-2. Rusty Costello, junior defensemen and J.T. Smith, junior left wing, were credited for both of the Broncos scores.

Defense would once again be the story in the third, as both teams went scoreless leading into overtime. But it seemed the hockey gods had something different in mind for Boise State and WWU. Neither team scored in overtime, which meant the fan-favorite, shoot-out.

The energy in Century Link Stadium was electric, as the crowd roared into the first shoot-out attempt. Both teams would go on to make their first shots, Kevin Costello scoring for the Broncos. On WWU’s rebuttal shot against the Broncos,  freshman goalie Josh Benton made the crucial stop. Allowing for Gut to make the game-winning shot of the shoot-out, Boise State won 5-4.

Coming off a huge victory vs. WWU, the Broncos headed into the third and last game of the series vs. Santa Clara.

Santa Clara came out firing on all cylinders, gaining a quick 3-point lead within six minutes of the 1st. But the Broncos held them to only those scores, headed into a 3-0 Santa Clara lead into the second period.

In the second period, the Broncos played much better defense, only allowing 1-point with a point scored by Gut, making it a 1-1 game going into the third and final period.

The Broncos attempted to pull the massive comeback as Eric Haskins, junior forward and Matt Heady, senior forward both scored a point, but it was too much in the end to overcome. The Broncos fell in the end 5-4 to
Santa Clara.

The Broncos sit at a phenomenal 6-3 record as they head into the heavily publicized and rivaled game vs. University of Idaho in Century Link on Nov 10.

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The game of hockey stays the same.

After a grueling practice at the CenturyLink Arena, in preparation for the Stockton game last Saturday, the amiable and action-driven Chad Nehring, who plays center and wears number 23 for the Idaho Steelheads, gave a unique insight to the world of professional hockey in Boise.

Nehring has been with the Idaho-based hockey team for the past two seasons and went from the small town of 500 people in Springside, Canada to Boise.

“I could barely walk when I first stepped foot on the ice,” Nehring said.

When he was young, his father would take him to the local rink, where he fell in love with the game.

“Back home, hockey was the thing to do; everyone played … I would carry my bag over the hill and there I was at the rink. It was always available to me,” Nehring said.

The accessibility of the rink provided him with the opportunity to hone his skills and his style of play. He describes his playing style as “physical and tough.”

His experiences with the Yorkton Terriers taught him to play tough in the gritty environment brought upon by the Saskatchewan league.

His love for hockey gave him many new opportunities to travel and be a part of three different and unique teams. He played for the Terriers, a Canadian junior Hockey league from 2004 to 2007 with his older brother Dustin and won two championships.

Nehring’s relationship with his brother gave him the opportunity to have memorable shared experiences on and off the rink.

“My brother and I have been so close. We have played hockey together for years and during the summers when I’m back in Canada, I live with him,” the Steelhead said.

While attending Lake Superior State University in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, Nehring had the opportunity to not only play hockey from ’07-’11 with the Lakers, but earned a degree in exercise science.

“The best part of college was having the chance to play hockey. We got to travel and play some really big schools like Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Michigan State,” Nehring said.

After graduating, he received a call from Idaho Steelheads Head Coach Hardy Sauter offering him and his roommate—and current teammate, Tyson Hobbins—a position on the team.

He enjoyed hia first season so much that he wanted to come back for another year.

He has enjoyed the “big city” feel of Boise and the exciting mainstream culture that it personifies. Yorkton and Sault Sainte Marie were small towns of roughly 20,000 with few social and community outlets.
Nehring said Boise has left a great impression on him and he hopes to continue his time with the Steelheads and experience Boise to its fullest.

The preceding article was written by Michael Ames, a marketing student participating in the Idaho Steelheads Internship Program presented by The Arbiter. For additional information, visit idahosteelheads.com/boisestate.

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The Idaho Steelheads new defenseman, Michael Gergen, was acquired via trade from the Bakersfield Condors early this January. Over the last month and a half, Gergen has been bonding with the team and is excited to be in Boise and a part of an excellent organization.

Growing up in Hastings, Minn. it seemed every kid slipped on a pair of skates right after birth. For Gergen, he started playing at the young age of 6, where he instantly discovered his passion for hockey.

As a high school senior, he was selected by the NHL’s Pittsburg Penguins as a second-round pick, 61 overall, in 2005. However, Gergen turned down the offer and decided to play college hockey for the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD), where he played all four years.

In addition to his team winning the WCHA Championship his senior year at UMD, he was also named WCHA All Academic Team.

Gergens’ professional rookie season began overseas playing for a team in the elite Austrian league, the Salzburg Red Bulls. He said it was an excellent experience where he learned a lot about their culture and quickly found out nothing was convenient like it is in the U.S.

The money was great, he adapted well as a defenseman for the Red Bulls, won a league championship and skated in the playoffs (contributing eight points in five games). After only one season in Austria, Gergen decided to try professional hockey in North America and started his career in the ECHL with the Utah Grizzlies.

Time with the Grizzlies was brief and Gergen was released Dec. 19, 2010.The down-time was short lived, as the Bakersfield Condors announced they signed him to a contract the following week. He enjoyed playing in California for almost a year.

However, things weren’t going well with the team and in December, Gergen suffered a concussion and was unable to play for a couple of weeks.

Once Gergen was cleared for play, he was traded to the Idaho Steelheads and now proudly wears the number 20 Idaho sweater (jersey).

Gergen and the team have been extremely busy over the last couple months, always on the road with fierce competition.

“It’s nice to get a fresh start and I’m excited to be in Boise,” Gergen said.

He doesn’t have much down-time, but says he’s living a pretty simple life and enjoys going out for sushi in his spare time.

The preceding article was written by Lauren Horton, a marketing student participating in the Idaho Steelheads Internship Program presented by The Arbiter. For additional information, visit idahosteelheads.com/boisestate.

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Jordan Warwick

Courtesy to The Arbiter

The Idaho Steelheads (23-21-2-3) faced their toughest opponent as the Alaska Aces (33-13-6), the reigning 2011-2012 Kelly Cup champions. The two rivals took the ice on Wednesday, Feb. 8, Friday the 10 and Saturday the 11. Seven of Alaska’s nineteen losses have come from the Steelheads with two of them occurring in the last series, resulting in the Steelheads beating the Aces 7-6 in their match-ups this season.

Wednesday started the series between the two and began with a great defensive effort for both teams, leaving the first period scoreless. Less than five minutes into the second period, Patrick Kennedy (Forward) scored on a power play giving the Steelheads a 1-0 lead on the Aces.

The Aces answered when Nick Mazzolini scored on a power play, and shortly after, Idaho maintained their lead with Derek Leblanc’s 11 goal of the season. The Steelheads expanded the gap when newcomer Aaron Lewicki scored his first goal with the Steelheads in the third. Mazzolini struck again with a second power play goal late in the game, but it was not enough to push the Aces to a win, resulting in a 3-2 victory for Idaho.

Friday’s game drew a large crowd with 4,853 fans packed into CenturyLink Arena. The first goal of the night, scored by Idaho’s Stephen Schultz (newly acquired Forward), made the night look promising for the Steelheads only until Ace’s player Chad Anderson scored on a power play in the second. Idaho defenseman Adam Maccarone shot one passed Alaskan goalie Adam Courchaine, bringing the Steelheads lead to 2-1. But only held this lead for less than a minute when Dan Kissel scored against Idaho’s Jerry Kuhn.

Overtime play looked promising while the teams remained tied late into the third period, until Brian Swanson scored with only 1:34 remaining on the clock, to give Alaska the 3-2 victory.

The Steelheads began Saturday’s game fired up after Friday’s loss, starting off strong by scoring three goals in the first period in front of an impressive crowd of 4,653 fans. One of which was scored on an Alaskan power play, when Jacob Cepis caught a loose puck and passed it off to Derek LeBlanc, making it his twelfth goal of the season. Bryan Hince, Idaho’s newest goalie, showcased his skills by coming up with 34 saves and only let one puck get passed him.

The Steelheads did not give in after the 3-0 advantage going into the second, when David Fredriksson scored just 22 seconds into the period. This 4-0 lead by the Steelheads sent Alaskan goalie Adam Courchaine to the bench for the remainder of the game. In the second period, Jacob Cepis also scored on a shorthanded play bringing it to 5-0. The Steelhead’s hopes of having a shutout was expunged in the third with an Alaskan goal, but fans still cheered as the buzzer sounded and a 5-1 victory ended the series.

The Steelheads face the Utah Grizzlies at home on Wednesday, Feb. 22, Friday, Feb. 24 and Saturday, Feb. 25. The puck drops at 7:10 p.m. for all games.

This article was written by Jordan Warwick, a marketing student participating in the Idaho Steelheads Internship Program presented by The Arbiter.

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Jacob Cepis stabs to block a Utah slap shot (Courtesy Idaho Steelheads)

Dan Miller
Courtesy to The Arbiter

Jacob Cepis joined the Idaho Steelheads in 2011, shortly after a college career with Bowling Green University and the University of Minnesota. At 24 years  old, Cepis has already made a large impact with the Steelheads. Having played in 40 of the 45 games this season, Cepis is also one of the most reliable members of the Steelheads and is the leading goal scorer halfway through the 2011-12 season.

Parma, Ohio located just south of Cleveland, is home to both cold winters and hockey fans. Cepis was no exception and started playing hockey at age three. While continually crafting his gift of hockey at such a young age, Cepis grew up dreaming of one day playing in the NHL.  Receiving hockey scholarships from both Bowling Green University and the University of Minnesota (each elite hockey schools) has further instilled and fueled his goal of one day playing in the NHL.

Hockey has always been considered a “big man’s game”. The 5-foot, 8-inch / 175 pound Cepis discredits this “theory” and claims his height and weight have always served as motivation.

Cepis feels his opportunities in hockey are limitless as the rules of the game have expanded and opportunity for success is wide open.

Embracing the underdog role, Cepis has seen a high level of playing time through hard work and dedication to his sport of choice.

As the Steelheads get ready for a home stand against the Alaska Aces, excitement increases, with Alaska currently leading not only the Mountain division but the entire ECHL with a record of 32-10-2-4. Five of those losses, have come from the Idaho Steelheads. Cepis acknowledges the Aces as the best team in the ECHL and the team the Steelheads look forward to playing most, its considered the biggest rivalry for the two teams—by fans and players.

Alaska comes to town for games on Wednesday, Feb. 8 (dollar beer night presented by Bud Light), Friday, 10 (Steelheads draw-string logo bag–while supplies last), and Saturday, Feb. 11. Cepis and his fellow Steelheads will have their chance this week to pick up a few extra points in the standings—currently in 5th place.

The preceding article was written by Dan Miller, a marketing student participating in the Idaho Steelheads Internship Program presented by The Arbiter.  For additional information, visit idahosteelheads.com/boisestate

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Cepis scores twice to help Idaho win its second game last week in front of sellout crowd of 5,200 at CenturyLink Arena.

This past week the Steelheads went 2-1 in three games, two against the Stockton Thunder (Tuesday and Wednesday) and one game against the Utah Grizzlies (Friday).

In the first meeting against the Stockton Thunder, the game started out at a defensive stalemate with neither team getting many shots on goal in the first period.

But once the second period began the Steelheads did not waste much time, scoring quickly to gain a 1-0 lead, within two minutes of starting the period.

However, after that moment the Steelheads seemed to be out-matched when the Thunder countered and came with a vengeance scoring less than 30 seconds later to tie the game and scoring two more times before the end of the second period.
Stockton would add one more goal in the third period to win the game 4-1.

Jerry Kuhn, the Steelheads goalie came out Wednesday night and played with a chip on his shoulder producing a shutout and earned a 1-0 victory to salvage a 1-1 series split with the Thunder.

From start to finish the Steelheads played to their strengths—tough physical play, driving numerous Thunder players hard into the boards, inducing a fight at one point in the second period.

Late in the game when the Thunder players needed to focus, one of their defensemen tried to trip a Steelheads player with his stick during a face-off provoking the Steelheads bench, the Stockton player turned to the bench and tried to start and all out brawl, however the referees were able to get everybody settled down. It forced Stockton to play a man down for the remainder of the game, essentially giving the Steelheads the win.

Friday night’s redemption game against the rival Utah Grizzlies in front of a sellout crowd of 5,200 (standing room only) CenturyLink Arena was packed to the rafters and the crowd was in for a show.

For the third night in a row, the Steelheads waited till the second period to score their first goal of the game.  A fight broke out in the second period sending the sellout crowd into a craze.

After the second period the Grizzles held a lead of 2-1, but the fans weren’t down and out just yet.

During the second intermission a flash mob broke-out to the tune of a remix of LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem—giving the crowd a two and half minute show.

Idaho’s Jacob Cepis tied the game early in the third period with a goal between the legs of Utah’s goalie. Then again with about five minutes left, Cepis again stole the puck and scored with a backhanded shot on a breakaway (yet again between the goalies legs) sending the crowd into a standing ovation for what would prove to be the game winning goal.

The next Idaho Steelheads home stand will be Wednesday Feb. 8, Friday Feb. 10 and Saturday Feb. 11 all versus the ECHL leading Alaska Aces.

The preceding article was written by Matthew Fritz, a marketing student participating in the Idaho Steelheads Internship Program presented by The Arbiter.

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The Utah Grizzlies take on the Idaho Steelheads at CenturyLink Arena in Boise, Idaho on October 15, 2011. (Otto Kitsinger for Steve Conner/Idaho Steelheads)

Kory Scoran, alternate captain and defensemen for the Idaho Steelheads returned at the beginning of this season from the Holland league in Europe.

Since his arrival, Scoran suffered a broken finger and was put on the 21-day injury reserve which left him out of the roster.

The injury affected his play to the point that he wasn’t able to shoot and wasn’t able to play his brand of physical hockey.

“This is the longest I’ve been out of the game due to injury, but I’ve been very fortunate to have only suffered a broken finger and not a dislocated shoulder,” said Scorzi (nickname given by his teammates).

When put on injured reserve players tend to alienate themselves from the team and focus solely on getting better. The Steelheads rallied behind Scoran to ensure that his role was still vital to the players’ success, which left Scoran motivated to return to his troops and be a dominant force in defense.

During the injury, Scoran would stay in shape by skating at Idaho Ice World, while the Steelheads were traveling and do conditioning drills so his body would be ready for live action, upon return.

Scorzi’s knowledge of hockey, his worth ethic and leadership skills came from his dad, beginning at the age of three.  As with all athletes, players go through ups and downs in careers, but Scoran’s came all too soon.

In 1998, Kory played for the MJHL, but all of his prior teammates moved up to the upper division, which left Kory behind in a lower league. Some say this affects pride, but instead of letting it come all down on him he rose above the situation and was out with a vengeance to prove he belonged.

During that season Kory Scoran won the most valuable defenseman while winning the Bantam “AAA” Hockey League.

“I wouldn’t have been the hockey player I am today, this taught me (that) nothing comes easy and you have to work hard to get where you are going,” said Scoran on his early days in the MJHL.

Kory Scoran doesn’t lack motivation, which has helped him become successful on the ice for the Idaho Steelheads.  The 2006-07 season, with the Steelheads, he had his most memorable moment on the ice, after winning the ECHL Kelly Cup, and most improved player by his teammates, Scoran’s success was reflected by his work ethic endured at a young age.

Scoran’s style of hockey is a big contributor to the Steelheads success this season. Playing in 22 games his dominance has been felt by other teammates and has surged the Steelheads for playoff contenders.

The preceding article was written by Marcus Scott, a marketing student participating in the Idaho Steelheads Internship Program presented by The Arbiter. For additional information, visit idahosteelheads.com/boisestate.

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Courtesy Idaho Steelheads

The second week of December brought the Colorado Eagles to Boise for a home-stand against the Idaho Steelheads.

This anticipated matchup is now split heading into the final game of the series. But, hockey is not the only thing on the minds of Steelhead fans as they prepared for a series end on Saturday night.

Toys-for-Tots is back and the excitement is bigger than ever. In preparation for this event, Rocky Johnson and members from our Marine Corps announced the event on Wednesday and Friday night.

Wednesday night brought heartbreak as a 2-0 lead in the first period would not hold. Just 90 seconds after the Steelheads’ second goal the Eagles would answer with a bit of luck.

A bad bounce of the puck off the glass led to a goal by the Eagles. The early momentum the Steelheads had was gone by the end of the first.

At the end of the first period, the score was tied at two. With a goal in the second and a goal in the third, the Eagles took game one of the series and looked to take control of the series with a win on Friday night.

Friday night would prove to be the game of the season for many Steelhead fans. The team again led 2-0 in the first period with both goals scored within 25 seconds of each other.

Unlike Wednesday night, the Eagles were not able to answer in the first period, ending 2-0.

However in the second, the fast-paced scoring that set the tone in this series would continue in favor of the Eagles with two quick goals.

The second period ended with another goal on each side and the score tied at three. The crowd had a sense this game could be the game of the year with another Steelheads goal early in the third period.

Little did anyone know, the Eagles would answer and send the game into overtime. Tied at four the battle continued, but remained tied at the end of overtime. The crowd rallied as the first home shootout began.

The Steelheads quickly scored on their first two shots while Colorado missed. Colorado answered with a goal to put the pressure back on Idaho. With a chance to place the Eagles in a must score situation, the Steelheads had their one and only stumble as they would make three out of four shootout goals.

The crowd lost control as the Steelheads held off the Eagles for the most exciting win of the year.  The series tie heads into Saturday night, with Toys-for-Tots and a Steelheads win on the minds of all.

The preceding article was written by Dan Miller, a marketing student participating in the Idaho Steelheads Internship Program presented by The Arbiter.