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Baseball season is still a few months away, but when members of the Colorado Rockies descended on Boise, it felt like opening day.

Manager Walt Weiss, outfielder Charlie Blackmon and first baseman Justin Morneau all came to Boise in an effort to promote the Colorado Rockies new partnership with the Boise Hawks.

“They have been nothing but great to us since we signed the deal,” Boise Hawks president Todd Rahr said. “We are excited to have them as our parent club.”

The Rockies became the Hawks new affiliate after the Chicago Cubs dropped Boise last September. In an unprecedented move ,the Rockies informed the Hawks they were coming down to visit the organization and the city.

“We feel it’s important to lay roots in some of the communities that our affiliates are going to be in,” Weiss said. “It’s important to reach out and personalize the relationships with both the clubs and its fans.”

Upon arriving in Boise, the Rockies contingent got to tour downtown before heading to the Boise Basque Center to meet up with many fans. There the team signed autographs and took pictures with all in attendance.

“People have been so nice welcoming us in like this,” Morneau said. “We have really been enjoying our stay, and it’s really been a lot of fun. What a great experience.”

Blackmon is familiar with the Hawks after playing for Boise’s conference rival, the Tri-City Dust Devils. He said it was a great opportunity to return to Boise.

“The Northwest is pretty special to me because it’s where I got my start in professional baseball,”  Blackmon said. “It’s where I developed my game to get me where I am today.”

During his time with the Dust Devils, Blackmon had very fond memories visiting Boise.

“I always looked forward to coming to Boise to play the Hawks,” Blackmon said. “There were just so many great things to do here like visit the famous Smurf Turf.”

Due to their tight schedule, the team wasn’t able to see The Blue or stay very long, much to their dismay.

“I wish we could have stayed here longer,” Morneau said. “We are not here as long as we would have liked to be. We wanted to see more of what Boise had to offer.”

The Hawks are hoping to have a long, prosperous relationship with the Colorado Rockies, and both parties agree the partnership makes sense.

“It makes a lot of sense geographically,” Weiss said. “It’s a perfect fit and  a beautiful city. It’s going to be a great minor league town for our kids.”

The Rockies also feel that this partnership is going to make their organization better in the long run.

“It’s important because we can more closely follow the kids that are coming up through our own system,” Morneau said. “You get to establish those relationships and connections early on with them.”

With the change, the Hawks are hoping to not only bring more fans to them but to the Rockies
as well.

“One of the residual effects of having any major league team is having your fans become a part of their fan base,” Rahr said. “We are very confident that if we have a long-term relationship with them, this is going to become a Rockies town.”

The Hawks open their season on June 18 against Tri-City at Memorial Stadium in Boise.



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Moving across the entire country into a new home and new life can be a hard transition. For senior Camille Redmon, joining the Boise State women’s basketball team has made that drastic life change easier and has given her a new Bronco family.

Redmon, a center, transferred from Purdue in the spring of 2014 to play basketball for the Broncos.

Redmon made the decision in order to grow as a basketball player.

“It was a personal growth thing. I love my family at Purdue but I realized that I wasn’t going in the direction that I needed to.” Redmon said. “An opportunity opened up here at Boise State. I took it and it has been a great decision.”

Redmon was one of the last players to be added to the Broncos’ roster.

“It’s been great. I’ve had really good reception from all my teammates and coaches especially being a last-minute edition,” Redmon said. “It was kind of unexpected but I feel like I fit into the program really well and fill in some of the holes that
they had.”

Head coach Gordy Presnell and the rest of the Boise State team were excited about the transfer.

“We knew we were getting a great player because Purdue has a great program,”  Presnell said. “She’s a really great kid and it’s been really fun to be a part of her life. In just a short period of time she’s going to get her masters degree so we’re real fortunate she’s here.”

After coming from Purdue’s strict culture, Redmon has found Boise State to be a much more relaxed and refreshing.

“I say it’s a lot more relaxed. Coach Presnell is a very chill guy,” Redmon said. “He has so much confidence in us, and it’s a good balance because I’m used to intense, always-on-you coaching. So it’s been a big difference.”

Redmon is currently seeking her master’s degree in athletic administration.

After college, Redmon hopes to become a communications coordinator and stay involved in basketball and collegiate sports.

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Igor Hadziomerovic is the 6th man for the Boise State Broncos this season.

After late second half wins against UNLV and Colorado State, the argument could be made to rename Taco Bell Arena ‘Heart Attack City.’

Just as the Boise State men’s basketball team was able to bounce back from a 0-3 start in MW conference play, the Broncos have become adept at closing out close games with exciting finishes.

“What a great MW college basketball game,” head coach Leon Rice said. “Every time I come in here, I’m like ‘how good are these games.’”

While expected stars Derrick Marks—25 points in the final 15 minutes of the 82-78 win over Colorado State—and James Webb III provide the excitement and the big plays for Boise State, but it is the lesser known stars that make the difference.

Reserve players Igor Hadziomerovic, Jake Ness and Rob Heyer—guys who will hardly steal headlines—provided the clinching plays that have contributed to the Broncos ‘five-game win streak.

“Their roles are just as important in the reason why we are winning,” Rice said. “Derrick isn’t the player he is if the players aren’t complementing him in the way that they are.”

Ness, who played substantial minutes for the first time this season against the Rams, is also quick to avoid the spotlight.

“It doesn’t matter if they are in the spotlight and I’m behind, because I know we put in the same amount of work,” Ness said. “It doesn’t matter who the glory goes to because we’re all one team.”

Late games spelled doom for the Broncos last season, but now that the Broncos have broken free from their curse, they’re diving deeper into the final stretch of MW play with the hope of clinching a spot to the NCAA Tournament.

The Broncos now sit one game behind first place in the MW. Coming up in the next week are games against Utah State, who won a 69-67 match-up against the Broncos earlier in the season off a buzzer beater. The Broncos will also face San Diego State for the first time this season on Feb. 8.

“We have to keep working hard and stay committed to each other,” redshirt junior guard Mikey Thompson said. “We can’t have any mental lapses and win one game at a time.”

The Boise State Broncos were able to upset #24 Colorado State 82-78. With the win the Broncos have won five in a row and are tied for third in the MW standings.

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The Broncos got a big win over Wyoming on senior night.

Halfway through their season, diving into the MW championship, the Boise State swimming team took down Wyoming with a score of 189.5-110.5.

With the win the Bronco were also able to avenge their loss they suffered to the same team last season.

“I feel like we definitely see them as one of our main rivals, especially since they are in the same conference as us,” junior Sam Wicks said. “It’s promising seeing how well we did today.”

Wicks played a major role in beating Wyoming, with taking first in the 200 yard freestyle relay, the 100 yard backstroke, the 100 yard freestyle and the 200 yard individual medley.

This victory made for the team’s 17th consecutive home victory over the past four years.

“We only host three or four meets a season,” head coach Kristin Hill said. “We bring in some good teams. We beat Utah in October, and Wyoming beat us last year. To be able to win here by so much was a good accomplishment.”

The meet also served as the team’s senior night. The Broncos recognized their  seniors Emily Blasko, Jessica Bottelberghe, Nikki Cannon, Heather Harper, Sydney Johansen and Erin Kohlbeck. The seniors have all been instrumental in the recent success of the program, that includes a MW championship last season.

The team has shown massive improvements over the season after facing some of the best teams in the nation.

“We were fast in November in the Texas Invitational,” Hill said. “I say that we are on our way to being much better than that in three-and-a-half weeks at our championships. This is the best team we’ve had as a program.”

With the season more than half over, the championship meet is more in focus than ever before.

“We won by a lot, and I think the score reflects our strength as a team,” Hill said. “This is a dual meet setting, and we have some great strength, but I think we’re even better in a championship setting.”

The next home meet will be against Nevada at the Boise West YMCA on Saturday Jan. 31.

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Montigo Alford has been a vital part of the Broncos success this season.

It wasn’t that long ago when the Boise State men’s basketball season was on the verge of disaster. The Broncos had lost four games in a row and started MW play 0-3. Boise State needed a spark to light
the fire.

They got one in redshirt junior guard Montigo

“The losses we had were not bad losses,” Alford said. “It was just the little things that we had to change, in the last few practices we have been more dialed in and as a result we have played a lot better.”

It was in those practices that Alford strived to be better for his team.

“I have been putting extra reps in and after practice to prepare for opportunities to help my other teammates out,” Alford said.

The Broncos are now the winners of four straight matches and are back in the thick of  the MW standings, just two games back from first. The team couldn’t have done it without Alford’s dedication.

“By putting him in, he speeds us up,” head coach Leon Rice said. “We want to be a team that can run and score. When we get him out there, he can go by guys. He is a one-man
press break.”

While Alford doesn’t dominate the stat sheet every night, he has become a vital part of the Broncos’ success this season.

Alford had a career game in Boise State’s 86-36 mauling of San Jose State  Jan. 21 where he secured 14 points and was the co-leader in assists with four.

“That was a big step for him,” Rice said. “He is a guy that is going to give us things that we are going to need in the future as we play these hotly contested MW games.”

Alford has been one of the go-to guys coming off the bench all season long, always providing crucial plays at vital moments.

“If you look back earlier in the season, going back to November, he has helped us win some games there too,” Rice said.

The Broncos will look to continue their winning streak when they host second place Colorado State tomorrow Jan. 27 at 9 p.m.

“We just have to continue to get better,” Alford said. “We want to continue to build that chemistry as we continue on in the season.”

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Widen is back at his alma matter have many years way from the school.

They say there is no place like home. For women’s assistant tennis coach Kristian Widen, this saying couldn’t be more true.

Widen wasn’t the only one happy to be back at his alma  matter.

“We’re fortunate and have been super excited at the thought of having him back, and since he’s been here, it’s been everything we hoped,” head coach Beck Roghaar said.

Widen has an impressive resume on and off the court. He competed for Boise State from 1992-95, claiming four letterman awards and is a two-time All-Big Sky honoree. The Broncos won three consecutive Big Sky Conference titles (1993-95) and saw the program’s first two appearances in the NCAA National Tournament in 1994 and 1995.

After his collegiate success as an athlete, Widen began his 19 year coaching career. After leaving Boise State in 1999, he returned to his native country, Sweden, for 10 years. There he gained experience in club tennis  as a private instructor, private coach and head coach.

Widen returned to Boise in 2009 and focused on junior programs at the Moorgat Tennis Ranch. Although he enjoyed coaching juniors, Widen was ready to transition back to the collegiate level.

“The level is a little bit different,” Widen said. “You’re still developing players but at a higher level.”

Widen returned to Boise State on Jan. 1 this year. He was excited to see how much the university had grown since he left 20 years ago.

“The whole university has just grown, and the Athletic Department is so much more professional than it was 20 years ago,” Widen said. “That was a big part of me making the decision to come back.”

Roghaar has already seen a difference since Widen rejoined the coaching staff.

“I think in terms of what we try to have our program embody. I think Kristian’s values align perfectly with those,” Roghaar said. “He brings a lot of great knowledge to the game at the highest levels. He develops players, character counts with him, academics count.”

With the two coaches ready to take on the program as a team, they want to focus on recruiting the best players from around the world. Within a few years, they want to see both Boise State tennis teams in the top 25 in the nation.

“I think where we see our program going and where we think we can be over the next few years. I think we have a shared vision and a shared drive to get there,” Roghaar said.

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The 13th annual Beauty and the Beast event has become a staple of the athletic program.

Instead of yellow ball gowns and furry hunchbacks, Boise State’s Beauty and the Beast instead sports gymnastics and wrestling meets.

These teams competed side by side in the Taco Bell Arena last Friday.

“It’s nice to be on the same floor as the wrestlers, to have that unity between the teams,” co-head gymnastics coach Tina Bird said. “It’s just so much fun,  it just draws all types of people who want to go to an entertaining event.”

This 13th installment of the event saw the gymnastics team get their first win of the season over Southern Utah. In the process, the team set a new school record score in the month of January with 196.725.

For seniors, like Ciera Perkins, this was their last chance to compete in this one-of-a-kind event.

“It’s really sad but also really exciting,” Perkins said. “This is how I wanted to end it: with the best team I could ever ask for.”

Perkins and fellow senior Kelsey Morris were glad to be a part of this unique event during their time at Boise State.

“Beauty and the Beast was my favorite event,” Morris said. “It was bittersweet that it was my last time, just thinking about it now is very emotional for me.”

On the other side of the mat, the wrestling team dropped a 20-18 loss to Arizona State.

Despite the loss, head coach Greg Randall and his team still enjoyed their time at the event.

“I know my guys really liked it,” Randall said. “They like having that big time crowd to perform in
front of.”

A crowd of 2,846 people piled into Taco Bell Arena to witness the event.

“It’s pretty big time,” senior Steven Hernandez said. “It’s fun, cool and when we get that big crowd going it’s very exciting.”

Beauty and the Beast started 14 years ago when past athletic director Gene Bleymaier was tired of going back and forth between the gymnastics meet  at Taco Bell Arena and the wrestling meet going on at the same time at Bronco Gym.

Bleymaier asked if an event could be created where both the gymnastics and the wrestling team could be competing at the same place at the same time. His request was granted, the following year Beauty and the Beast was born.

The first ever Beauty and the Beast was so popular with fans, athletes and boosters that it quickly became a tradition.

Boise State was the first university in the country to implement an event like this. Over the years a plethora of other universities have followed suit, making this distinctive event part of their athletic traditions.

Many athletes that participated in the event, like freshman Geordan Martinez, are already marking it on their calenders for next year.

“It definitely lived up to the expectations and the reputation,” Martinez said. “I can’t wait for next year.”


The annual Beauty and the Beast event took place at Taco Bell Arena on Jan. 23. Here is a video recap of the event along with several interviews with coaches and players from both the wrestling and gymnastics team.

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The Boise State women’s gymnastics team didn’t quite open the season the way they wanted to.

The Broncos finished third at the Utah Quadrangular behind Southern Utah and Utah with a score of 194.525.

Sophomore Diana Mejia thinks the Broncos have plenty of work to get done during practice moving

“I think overall it was a good starting point but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement,” Mejia said.

The team didn’t get off to the best start in their opening event, the floor exercise. The team only scored a 47.850. The opening score ultimately cost them the meet.

“That is an area we have to improve on,” co-head coach Neil Resnick said. “It was one of the lowest scores that we have put up in recent history.”

While the team knows they could have done better, they were happy to finally be competing again after a long off-season.

“It is a good feeling because preseason gets a little long,” sophomore Paige Urquhart said. “It’s great to finally get to show people what we have been doing all year.”

The Broncos will now turn their attention to the annual Beauty and Beast event where they compete side by side with the wrestling team. It will also mark their first home meet of the season.

“There is no place like home,” co-head coach Tina Bird said. “Beauty and the Beast is the best. We get to come home to our biggest crowd of the season and get the ball rolling.”

The team will also get another crack at Southern Utah at the event, a team that has become their rivals in
recent years.

“It’s extra motivation especially now because we will be on our own home turf now,” Mejia said. “It’s a chance for us to show off and say, ‘you are not going to get us this time.’”

Beauty an Beast will be this Friday, Jan 23. at 7 p.m. at Taco Bell Arena.

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The women’s tennis team is already on the rise this season after winning two matches this past weekend against Eastern Washington and Lewis-Clark State.

The Broncos had a large crowd, totaling 247 attendees ready to support
the team.

Junior Megan LaLone felt fans played a major role in the win.

“It was a great atmosphere to start the season with,” LaLone said. “It was just awesome to have all those fans out there and be able to pull out a win.”

The doubles point was a battle in the match again Eastern Washington. While Lalone and Milena Tovesa fell 6-2, Bobbi Oshira and Sammie Watson pulled through 6-3. This left the point to be decided by freshmen Naomi de Hart and Arianna Paules Aldrey.

The situation looked bleak when the Broncos were down 5-3. However, the freshmen duo pulled through with four straight points to top Eastern Washington and secure the doubles point.

“To see them respond the way they did and pull out four straight games to win that set 7-5 speaks volumes to the kind of competitors they are and how coachable they were during that match,” head coach Beck Roghaar said.

After ending the match 6-1, the Broncos were ready to continue their winning streak against Lewis-Clark State on Jan. 18.

Freshman Nancy Menjivar debuted in the match and proved that she can dominate on the court. She clinched the final match point by winning her single 6-0, 6-1. The Broncos were able to sweep Lewis-Clark State 7-0.

With the two wins under their belt, the team will only improve in their first away match against Washington State on Jan. 24.

“I’m confident about my team,” Tovesa said. “I see them play every day and racqueting the ball so well. There’s no doubt that we’re going to do well.”

Since the MW championship will be in New Mexico this year, Roghaar sees the away game as an opportunity to test the team’s skills and mentally prepare for the bigger matches of the season.

“To be the best, you have to beat the best. I think for us to do that right now, part of that’s going to entail beating them on the road,” Roghaar said. “I think we’re ready to go up there and throw the kitchen sink at them.”

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Boise State junior Maddie Krentz has vaulted to a hot start in the 2015 season, and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Co-head coach Neil Resnick says it is nothing but a pleasure to coach Krentz.

“For me as a coach, when you look forward day in and day out to working with someone, it is the best feeling,” Resnick said. “She not only works hard and does everything that we want her to do, but is really fun to be around.”

Krentz started her season off with a bang by earning the MRGC Specialist of the Week award. She earned it in vault with a 9.925 score.

“The vault that I did was the highlight of my gymnastics career,” Krentz said.

She has had two tremendous seasons for the Broncos already, including a WAC Freshman of the Year award. This season, along with seniors Ciera Perkins and Kelsey Morris, Krentz was chosen as the third

“I feel really grateful that people saw me like that,” Krentz said.  “I just want the team to realize their potential and how great they are.”

Krentz came to Boise State by way of Cave Creek, Arizona. When she decided on Boise State, the coaches knew they had hit the

“We knew when she got here that she would have this type of impact for us,” co-head coach Tina Bird said. “She just continues to get better and better.”

What sets Krentz apart from other members of the team is she competes in every event.

“It is definitely a lot of work but I love it a lot,”  Krentz said.  “If I didn’t train all four, I would probably get  a little bored.”

Krentz has been competing in gymnastics since the age of two.

“I was just jumping off of everything and had a lot of energy. My mom figured what better way to get it out than by taking me to do gymnastics,” Krentz said. “That’s where it all started for me.”

While Krentz credits the team in helping her achieve all of her accomplishments, she owes much of her success to her mother.

“My mom has been the biggest supporter of me inside and outside of the gym,” Krentz said.  “She has always told me that whatever I wanted to do, I could accomplish it.”

Krentz is hoping to follow in the footsteps of both Perkins and Morris who both went to the NCAA Championships last year. Krentz wants to take the entire team to new heights, however.

“I just want to be a constant good scorer for the team,” Krentz said.  “I want my whole team to know that I am going to hit and provide for them when it all comes down to it.”

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Toby Mitchell and the Boise State Broncos will be looking for their fourth straight MW championship.

Boise State’s men’s tennis team seems to be embodying Muhammad Ali’s infamous chant: “The champ is here. The champ is here. The champ is here.”

The tennis team is on a streak worthy of the great boxer; they’ve won three straight MW championships. As their season kicked off they’ll look to get number four.

“The season doesn’t start now,” junior Toby Mitchell said. “ It started back in September.   Now is when we see if everything we did in preparation for the season will really pay off for us.”

The Broncos got their season rolling with an emphatic 6-1 victory at Hawaii this past Friday.

“They are one of the best teams in the big west,” head coach Greg Patton said. “It was not a vacation. We were out there to play and

With the win, Boise State is hoping this is the beginning of their best season to date.

The Broncos start the season ranked 33rd with five players ranked in the region. Boise State has senior Garrett Patton, junior Thomas Tenreiro and sophomore Brendan McClain ranked ninth, 10th and 11th in singles respectively.

In doubles, Patton and McClain are third while the team of Mitchell and junior Brian Foley are ninth.

“It shows that we have a lot of great quality tennis players,” Patton said. “I hope these ranking will stimulate and inspire them to get more out of themselves.”

The path won’t be easy. The defending champions will have quite the non-conference schedule to start the season, with matches against Harvard, Northwestern and Pepperdine on the road.

“We are throwing the guys right into the fire,” Patton said. “They are going to have to learn how to get burnt and how to handle the heat.”

This season, Boise State   boasts a young team with only one senior on the roster.

“It’s been different from other years where that has been a distinct leader,” Mitchell said. “It’s more of a leader by committee. We all bring something different to the team on and off the court.”

The team doesn’t see the youth as a hindrance, but instead a gateway to bigger and better things.

“Being part of a program where winning is a culture has been a real highlight for me,” Mitchell said. “We don’t want to settle on these accomplishments, though we all want more and to go further than ever before.”

The Broncos will be back in action this Friday, Jan. 23 when they travel to the ITA Kick-Off  Tournament in Los Angeles where they will face Texas Tech. Boise State will not be back home until
Feb. 27.

“We are road warriors,” Patton said. “We are not only to survive, but we are going to thrive.”

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Martinez is one of the top wrestlers in the country as a true freshman.

The Boise State wrestling team boasts one of the best wrestlers in the country— and he is a true freshman.

Geordan Martinez is ranked in many top 10 lists at 141 pounds and is off to one of the best starts in recent memory for the Broncos.

Martinez has already compiled a record of 18-5. He is looking to become the first freshman All-American in school history.

“The biggest thing that drew me to him was he was a great student,” head coach Greg Randall said. “That’s been the top thing on our priority list. On top of that he is a damn good wrestler. With those two combined who wouldn’t want a kid like that?”

Martinez came to Boise State by way of Peyton, Colorado.  Before enrolling at Boise State Martinez was at the Air Force Prep Academy.

“It prepared me to come here, especially with academics,” Martinez said.  “It helped me grow up a little bit and transition from high school to college.”

While looking at several schools, Martinez ended up in Boise because of a personal connection.

“One of my high school coaches helped out here,” Martinez said. “He helped me a lot, when I was growing up and put in a good word for me.”

Martinez has been wrestling for quite some time. He started at the age of six and hasn’t stopped since.

“It was just kind of the family thing,” Martinez said. “It was a family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.”

In addition to competing at such a young age, Martinez got additional experience by competing in freestyle and greco wrestling during the off-season.

“It definitely made me better and grow as a  wrestler because there are so many other aspects to the other two styles,” Martinez said. “They differ a lot  but they also go hand in hand with folkstyle.”

It is because of all of this Martinez has already obtained the respect and admiration of his fellow teammates.

“The guys already look up to him,” Randall said. “He has fell into that leader role whether he wanted to or not.”

The program has had a long list of great wrestlers such as Andrew Hochstrasser, Jason Chamberlain and, most recently, Jake Swartz. If Martinez keeps it up he could join or even surpass the likes of those wrestlers.

“We are always looking for the next great wrestler to come through our program and hopefully he can be it,” Randall said.

Even with all the early success and accolades to start the season, Martinez isn’t content.

“It’s definitely a good starting point but I still have a lot of work ahead of me still,” Martinez said.

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Webb III has become Boise State's newest star helping the Broncos win their last two games.

Lost in the excitement of Boise State men’s basketball latest recruiting class wasJames Webb III.

Webb III joined the Broncos after one season at North Idaho College. Redshirting the 2013, he was largely unnoticed by fans and the media.

Over the offseason, however, he wowed coaches and teammates with his pure athleticism.

Once he got the chance to show his abilities on the court, Webb III took off.

The 6-foot-8-inch Webb III has electrified crowds with his high flying dunks that recall images of the great Michael Jordan. His coaches, however, are impressed by his showmanship.

In an 82-73 win against UNLV, Webb III broke free in transition and took flight from just past the free throw line.

“I didn’t think it was mathematically possible,” head coach Leon Rice said.

Senior Derrick Marks has also been impressed with Webb III’s athleticism.

“(His dunk) looked good,” Marks said. “We got him,  Chandler (Hutchison) and me. We just get dunks.”

In 15 games of action, Webb III is the third leading scorer for the Broncos  with 9.3 points per game and is the team’s leading rebounder with 7.0 per game.

With the loss of Drmic and last season’s leading rebounder Ryan Watkins, Webb III knew his time was now.

“It’s been a lot,” Webb III said of his ability to get rebounds for the Broncos. “I know I can’t play if I can’t get boards.”

Rice has also praised Webb III’s growth in the absence of Drmic. Without him, Boise State would possibly have  lost games against UNLV and New Mexico.

“What I saw for James was growth,” Rice said. “He’s just going to get better and better and better. We threw him into the fire and changed his role when we lost Anthony. That accelerated his progress.”

Webb III now seems to be that big man that the Broncos were lacking at the start of the season.

“James has taken up some of that slack with Ryan gone,” Rice added.

As Hutchison, true freshman David Wacker and junior college transfer Kevin Allen continue to evolve and transition to the DI level, Webb III has provided the spark Boise State needs in MW play.

His ability to play zone defense and his inside scoring have provided just enough for the Broncos to win games against competitive teams such like UNLV and New Mexico.

Boise State will be back in action when they host San Jose State Wednesday Jan. 21.

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Boise State Womens Basketball V. Wyoming Devin Ferrell
The Broncos are having a great season so far with a 12-4 record and are third in the conference.

The Boise State women’s basketball team, fresh off a win against Nevada carried the momentum over against New Mexico in 86-65 victory over the Lobos. With the win the Broncos remained  in third place in the Mountain West standings.

Boise state is now 12-4 overall and 4-1 in conference.

Going into the game,  New Mexico already was at a disadvantage with a poor road record and the Broncos impressive 8-1 record at home.

The Broncos had a rocky start in the first half with the New Mexico Lobos leading at the end of the first half 38-34.

“I think we were pretty flat the first half and didn’t adjust to their athleticism very well,” head coach Gordy Presnell said. “In the second half, I thought we had really good play out of Miquelle (Askew) and Brook (Pahukoa). They played with more emotion.

The Broncos were able to turn the game around and ultimately pull away by utilizing the three point line.

“We had fun,” sophomore guard Brooke Pahukoa said. “I mean, you could tell right off the bat. We said, ‘hey it’s 0-0.  The first half is out of our minds. It’s a new game lets go out and have fun.”

Pahukoa led the team in scoring with 20 that included making three straight three pointers in the win.

The Broncos are hoping that the great start will lead to their first ever MW championship this season.

“It’s been really fun,” freshman forward Shalen Shaw said. “Playing with this team has been great. There’s great chemistry and we’ve been playing really well.  I like that we are attacking everyone basically.”

The Broncos will be back in action when they face San Jose State on the road Wednesday Jan. 21.

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Senior Sammie Watson will be one of the anchors on the women's tennis team this season.

The Boise State football team had “Attack the future” as their motto this year; the  Boise State women’s tennis has “On the rise.”

“It’s kind of a common phrase in tennis,” head coach Beck Roghaar said. “When you are playing aggressive tennis, you are taking the ball on the rise. That’s our attitude about where we want to go is to be aggressive about the future.”

After almost three long months, Boise State is set to begin their regular season, new motto and all.

“Of all the seasons that I have been a coach here this has been the best year where the girls have really understood what they learned and what they needed to focus on from November until now,” Roghaar said.

Even more exciting for the Broncos is that they get to open up at home where they finished third in the country in total attendance.

“That’s something that’s a really big deal,” Roghaar said.  “As we go into the season, that’s something we really want to continue. If we could be number one in the country, that would be incredible.”

Over the last few seasons, Roghaar and his team have been on the verge of breaking out. Last season, the Broncos returned to the top 25 for the first time in four years but fell just short of the coveted MW

“Last year, we had the talent and the heart,” senior Sammie Watson said. “It just happened to not work out. Everything is there this year, but the difference is that we have really toughened ourselves up to the point where we are not going to have any sort of lapse this season.”

While that toughness is important, the team believes they still have to do a few key things to succeed this season.

“We just have to put everything on the court and have no regrets,” junior Bobbi Oshiro said. “ We have to really believe that we can do it and have the confidence in each other.”

Despite losing three seniors from last year’s team, the Broncos return a lot of talent. The Broncos have three regionally ranked players ranked to start the season: Watson, Oshiro and junior Teal Vosburgh.

Vosburgh is ranked 16th in singles while Watson and Oshiro are ninth in doubles.

“When we heard it we did a chest bump,” Watson said. “That is our signature thing to do.”

Boise State will host two home games this weekend: Eastern Washington on Friday and Lewis and Clark State on Sunday. Both games will be at the Boise Indoor Tennis Center.

“We are definitely really excited for the season because we have worked really hard to this point,” Oshiro said. “We are ready to achieve our goal as MW champions.”






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Justin Videen has been integral part of the club hockey team's success this season.

Justin Videen has a whole new game on and off the ice.

“There’s a few other things that I’ve improved on in my life to become a better person and a better player in this year than previous years,” Videen said. “Those have definitely added to that success.”

Team captain Rusty Costello has seen an improvement in Videen and his ability to keep calm during games.

“He’s changed a lot,” Costello said. “He’s mellowed out. I think that’s why his calming influence is helpful.”

With Videen’s help, the Broncos currently have a 17-1 record; the best the program has ever had. They rank third in the West, under University of Utah and Arizona State. The team also has the highest winning percentage in the West conference.

“We’ve got a great group of guys, from our goalie to defense to offense, and great coaching,”
Videen said.

Videen currently ranks fifth in scoring in all of D-II, with 56 points off  28 goals and 28 assists. He’s scored at least one goal every game this season.

While he’s been the one burying the pucks, Videen attributes his scoring success to his fellow linesmen, Taylor Crawford and Drew Punnet.

“I’ve got two great linesmen to play with and they are excellent at what they do,” Videen said. “They’re the guys that I get to go out and play with every day, I wouldn’t want to be with anybody else.”

Videen has also been able to step up during crucial moments in the season.

In a tight game against University of Utah, he scored four out of five goals, including the game-winning goal during overtime.

“It sticks out to me because Utah is a pretty good team,” forward Jared Hergesheimer said. “Being able to pull it off with Justin scoring the game winner was really sweet,”

Videen is also the team’s assistant captain and Costello feels they work together really well.

“There’s times when I can’t fully hear if something is going on because I’m a defensemen,”Costello said. “He’ll take the forwards and talk to them and say, ‘We need to change this.’”

With regionals a short two months away, the team is buckling down to focus on success in the tournament for the rest of the

“Success comes with  the hard work and practice that we’ve put in. It’s just finally something at Boise State that we’ve gotten under our belts and finally figured out,” Videen said.

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Ciera Perkins and Kelsey Morris are looking to make school history this season for the Boise State gymnastics team.

Seniors Ciera Perkins and Kelsey Morris are looking to make history this year. History with the team that is.

The two most talented gymnasts in recent memory   for the 19th ranked Broncos are set to take the team to a whole new level.

“Their expectations are so high,” co-head coach Neil Resnick said. “They have been there, and they have seen what its going to take to be successful at that level.”

Both Perkins and Morris went to the NCAA Championships as individuals for the Broncos last season. Perkins became the fourth All-American in school history when she finished in 8th place in floor exercise.

“Last year was awesome going with Ciera, that was a great experience for us,” Morris said. “Both of us wanted the rest of the team with us, that gave us a passionate drive to really push the team this year.”

In an effort to make school history by becoming the first team ever to qualify as a team at the NCAA Championships,  the seniors have taken their experiences from the event and brought them to the team first hand.

“We brought back the attitudes, mentality and motivation of those teams to the team this year,” Perkins said.

Additionally, the duo has gone above and beyond  by helping their teammates in the gym.

“They have been more proactive with our youngsters than our seniors in the past,  particularly with our freshman as they have been really involved with their development,” Resnick said. 

To them, it’s all in a days work of being a senior and leader for their team.

“You have to lead by example every day, in and out of the gym and in everything that you do,” Perkins said. “That is something that is expected and comes to you.”

According to Resnick both Perkins and Morris are two of the best gymnasts he has had come through the program because of their dedication to consistently be better.

“They will do routines that are great, but in their minds they feel that they left something out there,” Resnick said.

Perkins and Morris came into the program together. During that time, they have developed a friendship with each other in addition to admiration for what each other brings to the team.

“I really enjoy doing this with her because it seems really simple,” Morris said. “We have this unspoken respect for one another.”

Perkins, Morris and company starts their quest for history this Friday when they open their season in a four -team meet against Southern Utah, Utah and UC Davis on the road.

The Broncos will open at home on Jan. 23. in the Beauty and Beast competition.

“It would be the best feeling knowing we made history in our last year,” Perkins said. “We have been trying to get there for three years.”

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Senior guard Derrick Marks led the Broncos in their win over UNLV.

For the past two seasons, the Boise State men’s basketball team has gone into the waning minutes of a close game several times, and come out defeated more  often than not.

After a critical, tying lay-up by Derrick Marks, with 16 seconds remaining in regulation and a dominant defensive performance in overtime, the Broncos (11-6, 1-3 MW) were able to grind out a 82-73 win over  UNLV (10-7, 1-3 MW).

“That monkey has been flipped off our backs and thrown to the ground,” head coach Leon Rice said. “It’s such a fine line. If that (Rashad) Vaughn shot goes in (during overtime), that monkey crushes us.”

The win snapped a four game losing streak for the Broncos. Boise State lost 8 MW games decided by six points or less last season.

Through the close losses, Rice has taught his players to not lose faith in their abilities and that eventually the wins will come.

“Belief is so powerful in basketball,” Rice said. “If you lose one like that, I have to tell each one of them not to lose belief. I don’t know if Humpty Dumpty could have put all the pieces back together.”

In keeping in his lessons of belief, Rice didn’t lose belief in senior guard Derrick Marks who missed several last minute shots last season.

Rice elected not to call timeout after Boise State gained possession off of a missed UNLV shot. The Broncos offense rolled down court before Marks put in a shot just outside the rim.

Poor defense in the waning minutes of games spelled doom for the Broncos in four losses this season.

Led by the likes of James Webb III, Mikey Thompson and Rob Heyer, however, Boise State held UNLV to five points in overtime.

“Now we are starting to figure out we’re not going to win if we can’t get stops at the end,” Marks said. “It feels good that this one we got the stops.”

Boise State returns to Taco Bell Arena Jan. 21 to face San Jose State.

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“Lowery  Lowdown” is a Boise-centered column written by Sports & Rec Editor Nate Lowery.

Rumor has it Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin has a cape hidden in his office at the Bleimeyer Football Complex. If so, it would explain many things.

After previous head coach Chris Petersen took Boise State to new heights with a 92-12 record over eight seasons and two Fiesta Bowl wins, many doubted the Bronco’s ability to be a contender on the national level.

Attendance ratings were down, fan interest was at an all-time low and an air of complacency wafted around the newly constructed football complex.

In his departure however, Petersen announced his move to Washington and the Pac-12 would be the catalyst Boise State needed  to return to the high level of play the Broncos were accustomed to.

Two days later when Harsin was formally announced as the Petersen’s replacement at Boise State, the Broncos ascension into the national spotlight would continue.

While many praised Harsin for doing things the “Boise way” and predicted him to run the program like his former mentor Petersen, Harsin instead did the opposite.

Harsin jumped straight into the community. Whether it be talking with students in the dining hall, posing for photos with fans on the Blue or allowing tours into the Bleimeyer Football Complex, Bronco Nation became invested in their new coach.

The same went for the

Harsin let the players express themselves in ways Petersen hadn’t. The social media bans were lifted and players celebrated the wins.

In turn, the Broncos returned to Glendale, Arizona and won the program’s third Fiesta Bowl.

Excitement for the Boise State brand is only rising. Just as the 2006 season was a stepping stone to national stardom, 2014 will be a stepping stone to even more success in Boise.

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Igor Hadziomerovic is the 6th man for the Boise State Broncos this season.


In case students have been living under a rock the past few weeks, the Broncos won their third Fiesta Bowl in nine years. Boise State defeated Arizona 38-30 in a dramatic fashion and capped off one of the most remarkable seasons in school history.

First year head coach Bryan Harsin was able to take the reigns from former head coach Chris Petersen and return the program to national prominence.

Men’s basketball

The break hasn’t been too kind to the Broncos as they are currently on a four game slide. Even worse, have started 0-3 in a very competitive MW conference.

The schedule doesn’t get any easier for them. Tough games against UNLV and New Mexico still loom on the horizon. The one positive note for the Broncos is the play of senior guard Derrick Marks who has averaged 18.3 points over the last three games. Boise State will be back in action when they host UNLV on Tuesday.

Women’s basketball

The women’s team, on the other hand, has won five out of their last six. The Broncos were on a five game winning streak until their most recent lost to Wyoming.  They are 3-1 in MW play, including a marquee victory over the predicted preseason conference champion Colorado State.

Boise State has been led by senior guard Deanna  Weaver who is averaging 14 points a game. The Broncos will look to get back to their winning ways when they visit UNLV on Wednesday.


It’s been a tough start to the season for the wrestling team. The Broncos got run out of their own building in a 31-3 loss to conference foe Oregon State. They followed up with a mediocre finish at the Reno Tournament of Champions. Boise State finished in 17th place. The Broncos did rebound, however, with a 32-15 win over Northern Colorado.

A surprise this season has been the performance of true freshman Geordan Martinez who is ranked in the top ten at 141. Boise State will continue their road trip when they visit South Dakota State on Jan. 16.

Swimming and

The Broncos placed first at the USD Relay meet in San Diego. However, Boise State suffered their first dual loss of the season, 158-141 to Denver. The swimming team has been anchored by the one-two punch of sophomore Brittany Aoyama and junior Sam Wicks. On the diving side, it’s been sophomore Jordan Marthens leading the charge. The Broncos will look to get back to their winning ways when they host Wyoming on Jan. 24.

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Countless students charge into the new year with a resolution to change, many of which are related to fitness.

According to Abby McElligott, fitness programs coordinator at the Rec Center,  January tends to be the busiest month at the gym.

However, as weeks turn into months, many people become discouraged by the lack of results on the scale.

“I think the world of fitness can be incredibly overwhelming,” McElligott said. “I think that if you’re just starting out, heading straight onto the weight floor is probably going to be really intimidating, and that experience might scare people away.”

The Rec Center offers many options for those who want to kick off the new year by being healthier.

Personal Training

There are three options for personal training—individual, buddy, and small group. Costs range from $22 to $28 for individual training, depending on the number of sessions purchased. Trainers provide individualized exercise plans for people to meet personal goals. There will be seven personal trainers available in the spring.

“(It’s) a great place to go with really knowledgeable staff that can get (people) more comfortable with going to the weight floor, to the rock wall, to the fitness classes on their own,” McElligott said.

Group Exercise

The Rec Center has a large variety of free, drop-in exercise classes.

“I think that group exercise is probably … the best place to start,” McElligott said. “The classes are built so that they’re applicable to people of all fitness levels.”

Classes range in genre from Zumba and yoga to cycling and aqua fit, giving fitness fans a plethora of possibilities. By joining a group exercise class, a newcomer can build relationships with fellow classmates and find social support for exercise.

Faculty can also take advantage of group exercise. Last semester, a group of faculty members participated in Lift, a lifting class, during their lunch break.

“They’re totally friends, and it’s really cute to see. They’ve created that social support and that bond,” McElligott said.

According to McElligott, setting realistic goals can help keep people motivated at the gym and eventually lead to the healthier lifestyle that many resolve to on New Year’s.

“If fitness is the first goal, it’s starting slow. ‘I just need to get in the gym twice a week,’ as opposed to focusing on the number on the scale,” McElligott said.

Senior Derrick Marks has averaged 19.5 points a game over the last two for the Broncos.

It has been a tough few weeks for the Boise State men’s basketball team.

The Broncos lost their leader in senior Anthony Drmic for the season with an ankle injury. The team has started conference play 0-2 and are the losers of three straight games including a heart breaker to Utah State.

“On that last play we defended it absolutely as good as we could,” head coach Leon Rice said.  “We got them out on what they wanted to do and they had to throw one up. The kid made a heck of shot.”

The Broncos have been on the cusp of winning those games only losing by a combined 10 points.

“It hurts and I don’t have anything else to say about it,” senior guard Derrick Marks said.  “I’m not going to sit back and keep thinking about it, I am just going to move on.”

Despite all the struggles the team is remaining resilient, believing they can turn things around.

“We have a tough group of guys that are going to compete,” Rice said.  “We are a team that is going to get better and that’s the way we have to approach it.”

A highlight for the Broncos during this stretch has been the play of Marks.  In Drmic’s absence Marks has averaged 19.5 points a game despite battling a sprained ankle.

“With the way he has been feeling it has been a pretty courageous effort on his part for putting us in positions to win those game,” Rice said.

The road doesn’t get any easier for the Broncos as they have tough games against Wyoming, UNLV, and New Mexico.

“It is a really tough stretch,” Rice said. “We don’t care though, we are just going to chunk it out and get ourselves better.”

The Broncos hit the court today Jan. 10 at 4 pm. on the road against the current MW leader Wyoming and are hoping to put all the tough bounces behind them.

“We can all get better from here and look forward to the next 16 games of conference and go from there,” sophomore forward Nick Duncan said.



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Farzan Farmazzi
Boise State head coach Bryan Harsin knows the Broncos are going to have to play better in the 4th quarter to be successful this season.

2014 was a great year in sports for the Boise State Broncos. While there were many great moments only 10 could make the cut.

10. Swimming and Diving qualifies of NCAAs-  The Boise State swimming and diving team won their second MW championship in three seasons. This also marked the fourth conference championship that the program has earned over the last eight seasons. As a result, the Broncos were able to send six swimmers to the NCAA Championships. These swimmers included Brittany Aoyama, Sam Wicks, Heather Harper, Sydney Johansen, Jessica Bottelberghe and Katelyn Martin.

9. Men’s tennis continues to dominate- Winning a MW championship is no easy task. So winning three in a row is quite the feat—and that’s exactly what the Boise State men’s tennis team was able to achieve this year. The championship was the team’s 15th in school history. To top it all off the Broncos were ranked in the top 25 for the majority of the season. At one point they got as high as 15. Finally, Boise State earned a spot in the NCAA Championships.

8.  Sierra Nobley sets freshman kill record and wins MW freshman of the year- The Boise State volleyball team had their first winning conference record in almost two decades.  This was largely due to the play of true freshman Sierra Nobley. Nobley burst out onto the scene for the Broncos in a big way this season.

She set a Bronco record for most kills by a freshman in a season with 432. The 432 kills were the second most kills in the conference this season. She led the conference in kills per set with 4.33. Her play this season earned her not only the MW freshman of the year award but she was put on the All-MWC team as well.

7. Ciera Perkins earns All-American Status- With an eighth place finish in the floor exercise, junior Ciera Perkins became the first Bronco in school history to earn All-American honors in the floor exercise last season. She was also just the fourth gymnast in school history to earn All-American honors. She will be back this season looking to not only repeat as an All-American but lead the team to what would be their first ever team appearance at the NCAA Championships.

6.  Jake Swartz earns All-American Status- Senior Jake Swartz ended his Boise State wrestling career with a seventh place finish at the NCAA Championships. He became the 11th All-American in the past seven years at Boise State. This was especially sweet for Swartz because the year before he missed becoming an All-American by one match.

5.  Marisa Howard places second at the NCAA Championship in the steeplechase- Junior Marisa Howard overcame injury to do the unimaginable. While preparing for the upcoming track and field season, Howard began to experience severe pain in her knee. She spent the next six weeks consulting several physicians but no improvement was shown. Howard didn’t want to waste the entire season and decided to compete with her bad knee. In addition, at the MW Championship she took the steeplechase title along with a second place finish in the 5,000 meter run.

4.  Boise State basketball wins in dramatic fashion against UNLV- On Feb. 22 an overtime thriller ended with perhaps the most emphatic celebration by a head coach in recent memory. Boise State was down by nine points with just four minutes remaining and rallied to force overtime. In overtime, junior Derrick Marks scored all of Boise State’s 13 pointing including what appeared to be the game winner with just 3.3 seconds. However, UNLV’s Deville Smith hit a running jump shot as time expired. The officials reviewed it and before the referees could wave off the shot head coach Leon Rice let the fans and everyone else know the Broncos had just won the game.

3.  Boise State football wins first outright MW Championship- It was four years in the making but on Dec. 6 the Boise State Broncos were finally able to win their first ever outright MW Championship. Following the surprising loss to Air Force, the Broncos rallied back with seven straight wins to get into the championship game against their bitter rivals Fresno State. It was a tough one but the Broncos were able to grind out a 28-14 over the Bulldogs. Fans stormed the field to helped the team celebrate their improbable championship.

2. Emma Bates becomes an NCAA Champion- Senior Emma Bates is one of the most accomplished athletes at Boise State. She has runner-up and a third place finishes at the NCAA cross country championships. But no achievement was greater for her then her first place finish in the 10,000 meter run at the NCAA Outdoor Championships. She became the first women in Bronco history win an NCAA Championship and her time was the second fastest by a women in the history of the NCAA Championship. Bates has earned an astonishing 9 All-Americans honors over the course of her career—the most ever in school history.

1.  Boise State wins third Fiesta Bowl- You knew this had to be the top one right? Talk about the perfect way to end the year. The Boise State Broncos made it three for three in Fiesta Bowls with their 38-30 win over Arizona on New Year’s Eve. This capped off an incredible, unexpected season for the Broncos under first year head coach Bryan Harsin. The Broncos were able to knock off one of the toughest and most high powered offenses in the country—and did it on one of the biggest stages.

The Broncos had great performances all across the board. Sophomore linebacker Tanner Vallejo finished with 14 tackles and 1.5 sacks to earn the defensive most valuable player of the game.  Sophomore wide receiver Thomas Sperbeck grabbed the offensive MVP with 12 receptions for 199 yards. Grant Hedrick finished his Bronco career passing for 309 yards and a score and finished as the most efficient passer in school history with a 70.2 completion percentage. Finally, junior running back Jay Ajayi went out with a bang. He ran for 134 yards and three touchdowns. In the game Ajayi broke the school records for most touchdowns in a season with 28 and yards in a season with 1,823.