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Surfing is a popular pastime and the fact that I am from southern California would make one think that I have been surfing before.

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Many of us are constantly on the prowl for the next best fitness routine or diet, but something that falls by the wayside seems to be the benefits that come along with diet and exercise.

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Summer in Boise translates to long, hot days. So the question is asked, what is the best way to escape the heat?

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Floating the river is one of the most popular summer activities for students.

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By definition wakeboarding is a surface water sport that involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water.

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It is difficult to think that eventually we will be seniors and enter into the real world.

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As college students we are known for our ability to live on a budget.

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To defy is to challenge to do something considered impossible.

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Boise State women’s gymnastics team, ranked No. 15, will hit the road to compete in the 2012 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Fayetteville Regional Championship's

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College is a great time in a student’s life. It gives all students the opportunity to try new things, meet new people and essentially become a completely different person.