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Natalie Craig is a junior and mass communication major. Originally from Orange County, California this jetsetter always finds herself chasing after the big city while calling airports all over the country her second home. With dreams of writing for Cosmopolitan and Vogue she strives to create a fashion buzz on campus. She started the Boise State page on and in November 2011 she landed a fashion feature in USAToday College. Follow her journey and frequent Prada talk on Twitter: natalieSOfly

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Relationships can be difficult to maintain during college life.  If an ordinary relationship wasn’t hard enough, some students juggle work, school and the added...

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The Student Union Performance Series (SUPS) continues Friday Sept. 14 on the Student Union patio with a classic rock and indie vibe concert. Featured bands,...

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Do you feel like you're trapped behind the dull and lifeless walls of your dorm room or apartment? Are you lacking inspiration from your chill-spot and living headquarters?

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As students went to buy their books before the semester's start, they may have noticed a new and extremely fashionable addition to the bookstore.

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As students walked to class on Thursday, Aug. 30, they were accompanied by the feel good beats of hip-hop music and lyrics from local bands. Bronco Welcome and Student Union Performance Series (SUPS) put on quite the back-to-school show on the Student Union Building (SUB) patio.

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As you sit down in class or at a café, or as you're running down the green belt, you see a cutie look your way.

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Shades of Black will be coming to Boise State for the second time on May 5 from 5-8 p.m. in the Student Union Building.

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To celebrate Earth Day the Sustainability Club hosted the 3rd annual Trashion Show Friday in the Student Union Simplot Ballroom featuring fashion designer, Krista Peterson.

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There are many reasons to participate in the Beat Pete fundraiser run: enjoying the Greenbelt with friends, family, Coach Pete and athletes, getting in some cardio running a 5k (3.1 miles) and being a part of the festivities while patrons cheer you on.

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Whether you're running late or only have five minutes to do your hair, every student needs all the extra time they can get. With a couple of simple steps and time-saving basics every day can be a great hair day in only five minutes.

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It’s that time of the year when the sun comes out and the layers of clothing come off, but students have much more to...

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With midterms over and a week off from school, rest and relaxation sounds perfect right now.

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Boise State and Multicultural Student Services along with many other cities, states and schools will celebrate and honor Chavez's legacy and struggle by providing students with information on Chavez as well as opportunities to speak out.

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In the past year, Boise State has seen new fraternities and sororities as well as different clubs established on campus while also loosing some of their great groups.

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There are always high expectations for the leading ladies of the Oscars whether they come from behind or in front of the camera, they are always dressed to the nines.

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Every day is a fashion show and the gym is your runway.

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Winter is the most exhilarating time to accessorize.

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A student’s life is based on relationships, whether it is with classmates, friends, professors, family or a significant other.

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Whether you have known your sweetheart for years, months or even days, shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day present on a student budget is always a challenging task.

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As we enter the second month of 2012, new year's resolutions have been kept, thrown away or haven’t even been put into action yet. The beginning of a new year is an inspiring and fresh time to set new goals and resolutions and while these goals aren’t always kept, there are a couple interesting ways to achieve goals no matter what time of the year it is.

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There are many forms of self-expression. As students strive to be unique in many ways fashion is an underestimated form of art that can maximize the power of individuality and confidence.

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The New Year means a couple of things: new you, new resolutions and a new wardrobe.

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Many fashion lovers put a new spin on old trends and brought them back in style in 2011.

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On top of studying, homework, jobs and classes, students still find a way to incorporate sex into their lives. Finding the right protection and...

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Basque people have been essential to the development and growth of Idaho and still remain one of the largest cultures within Boise, with a population of 15,000, according to the 2010 census.