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Aside from the new TSA airport security measures, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is now reaching into our Walmarts.

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Have a story about your snow day experiences, a favorite café or a warm winter drink recipe to share with us? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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Right now 50 million Americans are classified as “food insecure” which means they regularly skip meals because they don't have enough to eat. This includes 17 million children.

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You don't hear much about the transgender community. Why? People don't like them. The idea of something other than binary gender roles freaks out most Americans.

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What could be funnier than violently forcing your libido on an unwilling and probably unconscious victim?

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After months of non-stop campaigning, the 2010 midterms are finally behind us. And damn, was it a bloodbath.

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The Buzz Kill “Douche-bag of the Year” award goes to Representative Alan Grayson, a democrat from Florida.

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In 2008, voters turned out in record numbers for the general election -- 62 percent. That’s pathetic. In Idaho, 64 percent of the eligible population showed up.

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With elections just around the corner, it’s officially “Attack Politics” month and the Weekly Buzz Kill is joining in the festivities. Sadly, the far Right Wing sometimes makes it too easy.

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I’ll be sure to drink an apple-tini for Andrew Shirvell’s coming-out party, even if I’m not invited.

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The goal of the program is to provide everyone on campus with cleaner air and grounds clear of cigarette butts. However, in practice the policy isn’t 100 percent effective. There are a few locations now where Boise State’s smoking population now congregates.

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You already know that if you want a ghost of a chance, you’ve got to get the left fired up to vote. Here’s a tip for you: try not alienating us.

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Aside from rape and infidelity, a person's bedroom activities have no bearing on his or her character. Women deserve to have sex how they want, with whomever they want, as well as dress themselves as they see fit without coming under scrutiny from the rest of society.

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he Oregon State Beavers are preparing for battle. Watch as they paint the practice field blue in a video posted on the OSUBeaversAthletics Youtube channel.

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Maybe I’m the only one who's noticed this, but the Boise State Quad seems to be a hot destination for controversial events. Last year we had Shawn the Baptist, “Debaptisms” by the Secular Student Alliance and even the Lightfoot Militia. The most recent potentially inflammatory group to occupy the space was a group called LaRouche PAC -- a group that makes Tea Party Express seem rational. They’ve drawn criticism from both major political parties, as well as commentators, including Rush Limbaugh and Jon Stewart.

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After reading about the event, I was about to shout “Who does that?!” and then I remembered who does that. Surprise, surprise, the protest was lead by Tea Partiers.

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Democrats are so worried about clinging to their seats, they can’t be bothered to stand up for their voters. Instead they let themselves get shouted down by the ticked-off Republican Party that is only drifting farther right.

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There are plenty of nuances to First Amendment Law, but there is no “Oh no, I poked a hornets’ nest, someone save me!” clause. Dr. Laura stepped in it. Odds are, some day so will I, but you won’t see me whining for the First Amendment to come save me.

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Hollywood has a strange relationship with ethnicity. Typically they rely on minority groups for comic relief and selling Tyler Perry movies, but when it comes to casting main characters, pretty white men tend to be their go-to choice.

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For those of you who prefer to stay disengaged from politics, here’s the run-down. The state of Arizona passed an immigration-related bill that basically gives officers the right to ask anyone they might suspect of being an immigrant to show their papers.

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We’ve got grocery bags made of post-consumer plastic, recycling bins in every building and wide-spread environmental conscientiousness. The trouble is it’s not enough.

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We disagree a lot and piss each other off even more, but we’re partners. Without all of you there would be no Weekly Buzz Kill.

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There is no secular reason why gays and lesbians should be denied the right to marry. And contrary to what religious protesters may think, we are not a “Christian nation.”