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Haley Robinson is a senior majoring in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Journalism with a Public Relations certificate.

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Bundled up in his tan waterproof pants, a fleece face warmer, a baseball cap, a hoodie and a navy blue coat, Reggie Japhet hardly...

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During these bone-chilling winter mornings when students are trudging their ways to their first classes of the semester, there is a desperate need for...

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Seas of blue and orange-clad fans flooded onto campus as the weather began to get warmer on Saturday afternoon. Grills fired up, frosty drinks...

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America has a fast-paced culture full of people who get anxious if their smart phone won’t update the new Facebook app in less than 30 seconds and complain about waiting in a fast food drive thru for more than four minutes.

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Tomorrow, Feb. 9, 2012, Boise Police Department will be hosting a tactical training exercise in Bronco Stadium from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Those...

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At the beginning of the semester, it’s easy to look good. New clothes from family or shopping sprees funded by “Santa” rejuvenate closets and give student a spring in their step.

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The pathway toward A Minds Eye Tattoo is a small labyrinth created by a neighboring coffee shop, a Vietnamese restaurant and a sushi joint.

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“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.” -- James D. Miles

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Best of the semester's Tweeting it like it is column

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A Boise State junior write to The Arbiter about their feelings regarding recent developments in the ASBSU elections.

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Sex complicates things. Even the simplest relationships (coworkers, friends, acquaintances) can go from easy and straight-forward to messy and difficult.

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Sixty-four percent of Americans drink, 25 percent smoke cigarettes and 10 percent use indoor tanning beds according to CBS News

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It is disheartening to see how easy it is to obtain such generous for athletics, while fundraising drives for other areas of the university, such as the Honors College, can only be described as sluggish.

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The sound of murmured orders, noisy tills and fatigued deep fat fryers fills the Student Union Building.

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Regarding the Buzzkill article about the homophobic antics of Andrew Shirvell, I would ask that readers resist the temptation to think that all Christians...

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Boise State junior Brandie VanOrder discusses the embarrassing behavior by BSU students at the OSU game.

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Boise State student, Jon Wann, expresses his discontent over how guest tickets are distributed in the new football ticket policy.

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Let’s face it. If the Obama administration was a Broadway production, the title would have to be “Promises, Promises.” Hundreds of promises made and hundreds broken.

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Contrary to what Martinez says, religion and the "sexpectations of old" are more firmly grounded in human sexual experience than are the attitudes of those younger than 65

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There are few things more challenging and frightening than uprooting one's life completely. Going to college is often a time of rapid transformation, growth and self discovery. To ease these growing pains and make the transition more fun and beneficial, students should seriously consider living on campus their first year.

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Jeff Hale, Executive Director of University Residences, sat down with the Arbiter to discuss the benefits to living on campus freshman year.

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The Arbiter interviewed BGLAD vice president, Matthew VanKirk, to discuss his thoughts about the July issue of Teen Vogue and the current battle for gay rights.

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Haley Robinson describes the scene of Vans Warped Tour 2010 in Boise.

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Breakdown of the tanning tax From Effective July 1, 2010 10 percent federal tax increase on indoor tanning Expected to generate $2.7 billion Revenue to help fund the...