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Cody Finney was born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho. Currently Junior at Boise State University majoring in Communication, Finney strives be accurate in all aspects of his life. Inspired by photography, he wants to one day shoot for a Transworld snowboarding.

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World No. 1 Novak Djokovic defeated American John Isner 7-6 (5) 6-2, 7-5 to give Serbia a 1-0 lead in a Davis Cup quarterfinal...

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Photos from the game>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Images from the Treefort Music Fest 2013

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The United States will take on Serbia in the Davis Cup quarterfinals in Taco Bell Arena April 5, 2013, Jeff Ryan of the USTA Davis...

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MAACO Bowl number three rolls around for the Boise State Broncos who have fared well in the past two visits. This year’s challenger to...

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When Curt Hecker sprained his ankle in an all-star game between the north-south of California, he encountered his biggest fear: failure. With an athletic...

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As women's volleyball comes to an end, men's club volleyball continues. This team of 19 active student players is apart of the Pacific Intercollegiate...

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For more photos, click on the photo. (Cody Finney/ The Arbiter)

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(Cody Finney, Patrick Sweeney, and Jake Essman/ The Arbiter)

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*Don't forget to check out the Blackout time lapse below! 1,000+ people have already viewed it, don't be the one who hasn't!!!

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Junior Aaron Dahl and Junior Reggie Nappier have their “Black Out” attire ready to go to the football game against UNLV this Saturday. Do...

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(Cody Finney/ The Arbiter) (Jake Essman/The Arbiter)  

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Thursday, Oct. 11, at approximately 7:00 a.m., a car fire occurred on the top floor of the Lincoln Garage. A small portion of the sidewalk on the corner of...

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(Max Monahan/ The Arbiter) (Megan Riley/ The Arbiter) (Zak Porter/ The Arbiter)  

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(Cody Finney/ The Arbiter) (Lauren Urness/ The Arbiter)

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(Cody Finney/ The Arbiter) (Cody Finney/ The Arbiter)

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(Cody Finney/ The Arbiter) (Cody Finney/ The Arbiter)  

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By Megan Riley Though it started in England in 1823, rugby has officially made its name in American sports and on Boise State's campus. It...

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(Max Monahan/ The Arbiter) (Max Monahan/ The Arbiter)

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(Patrick Sweeney/ The Arbiter) (Patrick Sweeney/ The Arbiter)

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