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Christina Marfice is the features editor for The Arbiter. She is also a freelance feature writer for Boise Weekly. She is a grammar snob and loves reading good books. Follow her on twitter @ChristinaMarf

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Fact check: Do you know what kind of student loans you have? If you’re like many Boise State students, you might have some vague ideas...

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This month, The Arbiter is getting all the deets on student loans. Comment on this article, post on our facebook, or tweet us your...

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In June 2010, the nation-wide total student loan debt exceeded total credit card debt for the first time in history. The figure for outstanding...

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Like so many other Boise State students, Elizabeth Silva, a junior nursing major, stumbled upon Boise State Confessions last week. The Facebook page was...

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The first day of the year rang in more than resolutions this year--with the new year came some of Boise’s coldest temperatures so far this...

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Semesters go by pretty quickly, don’t they? In the proverbial blink of an eye, December is here and finds us scrambling to finish projects...

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As the semester draws to a close, let’s take a look back at some of the top stories from the last five months:   1. Religious...

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When one of my classes required that I read several classic novels, it seemed to be a perfect opportunity to take my new Kindle...

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In the context of a college education, four years is an eternity. In terms of a presidency, it passes in the blink of an...

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In less than one week, our country will choose a leader. The road to Nov. 6 has been long and difficult, dirtied by the...

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A street corner on Franklin Road near the mall Sunday afternoon drew stares, waves, insults and rude gestures from passing motorists as a man...

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It’s getting chilly at night. Boots and scarves are starting to reappear on campus. Pumpkin spice is back at every campus coffee location. Summer...

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Highlights from campus news

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With insurmountable grace, Brady Mosk left the diving board at the Boise State Aquatic Center, arching his body into a perfect banana shape. He hit the water belly-first, eliciting a loud smacking sound and appreciative gasps from the small crowd gathered at the water’s edge.

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Looking to spice up your lunch break during the first week of classes? Try spending it with some of Boise’s own beats and street artists.

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For most students, college is an ongoing exercise in trying new things. For Brandie VanOrder, former ASBSU president and Boise State graduate, trying something new meant changing her entire diet.

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Got a creative side? Why not share it with your fellow broncos? Campus Canvas, a brand-new art showcase, allows students to submit artwork in several forms to be featured each week in The Arbiter.

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The biggest WTF moment in recent news

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July in Boise signals the apex of the summer season, chock-full of more fun summer activities than one person could possibly attend.

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On Dec. 31, 2011 President Obama’s signature marked the approval of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

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Nathan Westfall only wanted one thing for his 18 birthday. Like so many others, skydiving was something he wanted to do in his lifetime.

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Boise police are investigating a shooting that took place in downtown Boise early Sunday morning. A single shot was fired on the southeast corner of...

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According to recent research, America’s youngest generation is the most unchurched in our country’s history, and it may be costing this generation a sense of belonging within its communities.

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The Idaho Legislature adjourned Thursday evening after a 2012 session that lasted 81 days.

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Steve Stearns, a 24-year-old entrepreneurial management major, has a shiny silver case full of business cards showing he is the CEO of a seminar production company. His company isn’t quite off the ground yet, but Stearns is working hard to make his start-up dream a reality.