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The best date spots in Boise.

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On Saturday, 175 communication alumni, faculty and guests gathered in the Stueckle Sky Center to mark the communication department’s 40th anniversary.

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For members of the Creative Writing Outlet club, it provides a vehicle for self-expression, art and release.

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Singing is the new pop-culture sensation, with television shows like “Glee,” “American Idol” and “The Voice” dominating airwaves.

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The title and basic plot are borrowed, but the film bears little resemblance to the '80s television show. Humor replaces grit, synthetic drugs replace gangs and Jonah Hill takes the place of Johnny Depp.

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College is supposed to be challenging, but what most students find difficult becomes even more so for students who are mothers.

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We’ve all mustered through it at some point during our education: iambic pentameter, confusing language and long monologues that are easy to get lost in.

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Students of all majors and disciplines: polish your essays and research papers. The President’s Writing Awards season is upon us.

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“The Artist,” the French-produced black and white silent film about the rise of early Hollywood, triumphed at the Oscars, winning three of the top awards.

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There are British accents, politics and romantic drama. There’s singing, dancing and acting.

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There’s no color, no special effects and (almost) no speech. But what’s lacking, leaves bare a simple and moving story, one that sheds all the fluff and frills of contemporary film.

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Some choirs wear robes, others don formal dresses and suits. The Boise State Vocal Jazz Ensemble members can be spotted by their black vests and red neckties.