Three potato art pieces, a ceramic cake and peaches— these are just a couple of pieces students will see wandering through the Boise Art Museum’s new exhibit, Food or Thought.

Opening within the last week, the exhibit focuses on food and how we interact with it. The subjects vary from objects being eaten, to how we eat the object, to what we eat the object with.

“Some of the shapes, imagery and food for thought were pretty whimsical. You know, the birthday cake out of ceramic, the arrangement of different elements in the pieces. I thought they were fairly polished,” said Ross Meyer,   art assistant to Mary Meyer, an Arizonian artist who currently has an exhibit in Gallery Five18 here in Boise. “There was a variety of different media. It was really nice.”

Food for Thought has a small touch of every medium within the exhibit, making it enjoyable to view no matter what taste you have in art. Notable works within the exhibit include “Peaches In a Basket” by William Mason Brown and “Paper Plates and Turkey Shopping Basket” by Roy Lichtenstein.

Food for Thought can be viewed at the Boise Art Museum until Feb. 15, 2015.