Inventing something new can be exciting and rewarding, but can put a damper on finances. One of the reasons former Boise State student, Chadd Von Komen, is seeking funding help on Kickstarter.

Von Komen graduated from Boise State in 2009 with a bachelor’s in physics and has dabbled in several projects. His latest could change the way fishermen fish in Idaho.

Von Komen and his cousin, Michael Chase, are the founders of Chase Enterprises. The pair have developed a new invention that takes the guesswork out of weighing a fish, the Lochsa Fishing Net.

Named after a Northern Idaho river, the Lochsa Fishing Net is designed to aid fishermen by accurately weighing a fish. Von Komen and Chase designed the net to weigh fish in a timely and efficient

According to Von Komen the net is designed to work without taking the fish off the fishing line to weigh it. Something that could greatly aid bass fisherman competing in tournaments.

Traditionally, to weigh a fish one would have to remove the fish from the fishing line and attach it to a device similar to a produce scale. The process could be time consuming and could harm the fish. Fish that don’t make the weight are often thrown back. 

The idea behind the design was to aid sport fishers learn the weight of the fish without taking the time necessary to weigh a fish that would be below ideal weight.

According to Von Komen, the net is accurate to .01 pounds and only takes a few seconds to read the accurate weight.

The pair took the concept of a “kitchen weight scale and a broom handle” and have designed and created five

“We bought an alumnium broom handle,” Von Komen said. “Put some basic gages and weight systems on the broom handle. After a few hours we were able to test and have a proof of concept.”

The project started out fairly simple but it has taken two years since the proof of concept to get the Lochsa Fishing Net ready to mass produce.

Von Komen and Chase are hopeful to release their invention to the public in December, having a solid prototype completed by early October. Currently they are in the process of raising funds to purchase a mold for the net’s handle.

The net will be available in two sizes: a long 30-inch handle for boat fishermen and a short 14-inch handle for bank anglers.

Von Komen’s goal is to raise between $3,000 and $5,000 to fund the net’s mold. The pair are seeking fund assistance from Kickstarter as well as from presales on their website