Starbucks in the Albertsons Library has undergone remodeling this summer.

Students returning to campus may be shocked to see that the entrance to Starbucks has moved. The door is no longer inside the library but in the library’s atrium.

“The thought was to help traffic flow and give Starbucks more flexibility in terms of operating hours and other potential uses for that space, [allowing for] opportunities to use that vestibule area for other [events],” said Mary Aagard, head of Access Services for Albertsons Library.

The library and Dining Services hope that the relocation will benefit students wanting to go to Starbucks.

“By moving the door we can explore utilizing the door that is currently an emergency exit. During busy times, utilizing both doors can help remove congestion and improve flow for customers,” said Boise State Student Union director Brent Delong.

The project budget was $11,500 and funded by the Student Union budget. They also receive a commission from Starbucks.

Students are excited for the change.

“I think it’ll be easier now,” said Shannon Rowe, a senior marketing major and bi-weekly Starbucks patron. “Not that there have been major disruptions, but I know a lot of students go to the library just for coffee.”

Construction on the new Starbucks door for Albertsons Library started July 11 and was finalized July 18.