Students sue Boise State over free speech

The Associated Press reported Abolitionists4Life, an anti-abortion organization, filed a lawsuit against Boise State Friday, June 27 claiming the university is in violation of the First Amendment.

This past May, Abolitionists4Life were told by university officials they could only gather to protest in certain areas on campus and had to put up signs warning their content was controversial and potentially offensive.

Abolitionists4Life claim the university is violating free speech by limiting the areas where the students can protest on campus.

Boise State has six “speech” zones where students are allowed to protest and can only hand out fliers in those designated zones the students reserve.


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Alx Stickel

Alx Stickel is the Chief Copy Editor at The Arbiter. Stickel studies journalism and sociology at Boise State. She is a lover of reading, running and shooting photos of those willing to be her guinea pigs. Follow her on twitter @alxstickel.

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