Students to evaluate deans

Students to evaluate deans

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As the end of the year fast approaches, students are rushing to finish projects and cramming hard for finals, but a select few are preparing to evaluate the deans of each college.

Assembly members of the Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) will complete their annual evaluation of deans of the six colleges and the Albertsons Library before June 15.

The annual evaluation of deans is a policy enforced by Boise State’s provost Marty Shimpf, and the vice president of Academic Affairs Lisa Harris.

The policy requires a committee be formed consisting of faculty and staff from each college and the Albertsons Library to evaluate the head of the department.

Students from ASBSU are assigned to participate in the committee.

“We’re asked as student government to make sure we have students participate as part of those committees,” said Bryan Vlok, ASBSU president. “(Students) are asked to fill out evaluations based on how teachers are doing is kind of based on how our dean is doing their job or not.”

The students are selected through the assembly and are asked to sit on the board.

“There is a student voice for everything that we are doing,” Vlok said. “To have these students on (the committee) is to make sure student voices are being heard.”

The annual evaluation committees are made up of five tenured or tenure-track faculty within the college with no direct tie to the dean and one ASBSU assembly member.

The Albertsons Library committee is composed of three or four tenured or tenure-track faculty and one ASBSU assembly member.

This year will be different because only three of the six college deans will be evaluated.

“What happened this year is that we had a few retirements and individuals stepping down,” said Marcy Dugger, executive assistant to the provost.

The College of Health Sciences, the College of Engineering, the College of Arts and Sciences and the Albertsons Library will all be evaluated.

Diane Boothe from the College of Education will be stepping down to rejoin faculty, and will be replaced by Richard Osguthorpe.

College of Business dean Patrick Shannon is also stepping down to join faculty,  and Kenneth Petersen will take Shannon’s place.

College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs dean Melissa Lavitt took another position in January. Shelton Woods is currently the interim dean for the college.

According to policy titled “Annual Evaluation of Deans,” the evaluations will be based on leadership, administration, faculty relations and external relations.

“These evaluations are intended to assist in overall assessment of their performance as dean and to provide constructive feedback,” the policy states.

The student portion of the evaluation has yet to take place, but the assembly members have been assigned.

They will meet with the committees after the semester comes to a close.

Eryn Shay Johnson
Eryn Shay Johnson currently studies communication at Boise State University (BSU), she has been a higher education student since 2011, but is new to the Treasure Valley. Since moving to Boise, Johnson has jumped into her schooling with both feet, as a media emphasis student she has helped produce articles for the Idaho Press Tribune. Previously, Johnson worked as a special sections intern for the Post Register of Idaho Falls where she previously worked as a news intern. The Post Register helped publish many of Johnson’s works including her article “Good for the Soul: Group uses laughter as path to better health” which was picked up by the Associated Press in July 2011. Johnson has also served as an intern for the Times-News of Twin Falls. She now contributes stories to The Arbiter. As a student at BSU, Johnson aspires to graduate in Spring 2015. Following graduation she plans to continue her writing for news outlets, planning to grow all the while. Her dream is to write professionally for a major city newspaper, ultimately she wants to write a Pulitzer Prize winning piece. Johnson was a member of the Associate Students of the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) and served as both Advertising Senator and Off Campus Relations Senator. She graduated from CSI May 2013 with her Associate Degree in Communication Studies. She is a native of Idaho Falls and comes from a small family, her only sibling is her twin brother Damon who serves the United States Air Force.