It’s no secret that summer is just around the corner, and its time to start buying all those summer sandals and sunglasses! But what sort of summer style should students go for this year? Well I’ve got the answer! And so do some fellow classmates!

What two words describe your summer style? “My summer style would be free flowing and comfortable,” says Denton Williamson, Senior studying Communications. Where do you like to shop for summer clothing? “I love shopping at PAC Sun and Urban Outfitters.” What is your summer go to outfit? “Khaki pants, t-shirt and sandals.” 


What two words would best describe your summer style? “My summer style is clean athletic,” says Sophomore Adam Ruggiero studying Communication’s. Where are your go to shops to get these clothes? “I shop at PAC Sun and Ross because they always have good deals.” (Couldn’t agree with that more) What is your go to summer accessory? “My go to summer accessory would be a snap back hat.”