It’s almost a mocking but true statement about the lack of things to do in Boise Idaho that the Spring Fling is attended and taken seriously.

Let’s just hope that Cash Cash forgets their entire music career pre-Overtime EP. I don’t know if students could endure the awkward unbalanced rhythm and sloppiness of anything from Take it to the Floor. Unless I was mistaken when filling out college applications and failed to realize this institution was actually a high end middle school, I would prefer if the bands that my tuition is used to fund don’t that uses the phrase “You did what you did, then you hid/And now I never see you hangin’ around, hangin around”. Looks like someone discovered rhymezone.

Armada ID is fantastic. They’re talented, exciting, inspiring, and drop dead sexy. Student Involvement probably thinks so too, seeing as this is the second Saturday in a row they’ll perform at Boise State for Boise State Students. That’s okay though, who wants to experience new things anyway?

Ah yes, let us not forget Jupiter Holiday, not that we could seeing as they so recently played in Boise during Treefort (Hey if you still have the App you can preview them: Convenient). Mind you, there is nothing wrong with repetition of music. When I first heard Misanthropic Drunken Loser by Days n Daze I listened to it so many times that any exaggerated number would be too little; however, the band should be good if Boise State students should succumb to their “music” again. Perhaps Student Involvement is fretting about the participation of students past their midlife crisis. Spring Fling has gone on far too long discrimination against the older generation; those kids with their rap, and technological romance! Why else would they possibly feel the need to include a band that seems to have crawled out of a time machine straight from a decade before CDs grunge and the advent of internet memes. On the bright side it will be fun to watch people trying to figure out how to dance to this (Hint: If you want a preview just watch videos of people at Phish concerts).

After I learned there was a successful kickstarter for Ecclectic Approach’s pancakes music video I was convinced that there was some deeper meaning to Ecclectic Approach’s music. I was wrong. Their music is unoriginal, weak, lacking in any sort of flavor, and tacky. I’m just assuming that before they make a song they a compile a list of the hashtages that 12 year olds use on twitter and force them into a song while somehow butchering the English language more. #ijustwanttobecool #Ijustwanttohavefun #plantopartyallnight

Patricia Bowen is a creative writing student extraordinaire at Boise State University. Her unpaid internship experience is immense and includes a summer internship with Semilla Nueva, and a semester internship with The Ahsahta Press. Currently Patricia works as Cultural Editor for the Arbiter. While she continues into her junior year of college she plans to write more poetry about traffic beacons and give herself more bad haircuts.