Students from Campus Outreach for the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust and Abolitionists for Life are raising awareness to students passing through the Quad. Abortion is a highly controversial and sensitive topic which is why they are holding the event.

“Most people haven’t made a decision about which side to choose,” said Christina Garza, director for Campus Outreach for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. “It’s not safe to stay in the middle because innocent lives are being killed.”

As students walk through the quad they pass by large posters showing aborted fetus at different developmental stages.

Jake Wolford, president of The Secular Student Alliance stood  in protest of these images.

“This is gross,” Wolford said about the graphic pictures displayed. “Is this even ok, to display on campus?”

Posters and booths will be set up on the Quad again tomorrow for more information on the issue.

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