Boise State junior Andrew Perez was struck while riding his bike through the crosswalk between the Student Union and Liberal Arts building at approximately  12:00 p.m.

The car that hit Perez was driven by Health Science major Lida Atapor.

Perez claimed he saw Atapor stop at the crosswalk prompting him to proceed across the road.


“I saw that they were stopped at the stop sign so I thought they saw me so I went ahead a crossed and then they hit me in the back tire,” Perez said while laying using his backpack as a makeshift pillow and waiting for emergency medical services to arrive.

Witnesses say they saw the gray Volkswagen driven by Atapor strike Perez’s rear tire causing him to hit his head on the sidewalk curb.

Atapor said she had waited for pedestrians to cross but hadn’t seen Perez in time because he was riding too fast.

“I didn’t see him coming, he was going too fast,” Atapor said.

Paramedics cleared Perez of any serious injuries. Perez suffered minor bleeding and bruising as a result of the incident.

Boise Police informed Perez and Atapor that their insurance companies must sort out damages to the vehicle and bicycle and that they had no authority due to the incident taking place on private property.