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The acronym ASBSU stands for Associated Students of Boise State University. According to its website, ASBSU functions to enforce “educational, intellectual, social, and cultural engagement at the University, and second, to advocate for the interests of students.”
ASBSU is run completely by students and takes care of a plethora of events, projects and student affairs regarding decisions made on campus including budget, public relations, governing documents, etc.
Although it may sound intimidating, there is a large array of ways students can get involved with ASBSU.
First is Student Assembly, where one student is elected to represent each department on campus.

Meetings for Student Assembly happen throughout the semester, and allow for pertinent information to easily be spread throughout the entire campus while students from all different groups are given a chance to give input.

Second is the Executive Council. This is the core of ASBSU, which takes care of circulation of funds as well the functions (both internal and external) of ASBSU. Currently, elections for the Executive Council are open for application.

Applications for Executive Council can be found at

ASBSU is also made up of the Student Funding Board and the Students Ethics Officer.
This organization is a great way to not only become more in touch with what is going on within campus, but also to have a say in how decisions are made at Boise State.