Add the Words demonstrators marched single file to the third floor of the capitol building in an attempt to gain access to Idaho’s Senate and House chambers Thursday, Feb. 14.

Law enforcement informed participants they could not enter either gallery while wearing “Add the 4 Words Idaho” t-shirts.

Just a week earlier, demonstrators blocked the senate chamber and were charged with trespassing.

“They won’t hear us in committee so we have come to be seen by the lawmakers. We had grandparents, high school students, clergy and they just wanted to be seen,” said Nicole LeFavour, former Democrat senator and Add the Words activist.

According to LeFavour, senate members took extra measures to ensure Add the Words demonstrators could not access the senate gallery.

“The senate locked the senate doors. The pro temp would have to decide that and it’s never done. It’s very, very rare and I don’t remember the senate ever locking people out and I was in the house and senate for eight years,”LeFavour said.

LeFavour said she believes the rule which banned demonstrators from entering the senate or house galleries was created specifically to keep out Add the Words supporters.

“We’ve done protests in the gallery in 2012 and they banned the shirts after we did that,” LeFavour said.

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