Associated Students of Boise State (ASBSU) with the help of Facilities Operations and Maintenance  (FOAM) is adding  new refillable stations to existing water fountains on the first three floors of the Albertsons Library.

“We’re trying to make campus more green by giving people the opportunity to refill their water bottles,” said Bryan Vlok, president of ASBSU.

For the ones being installed in the library, Vlok’s office turned to Michael Sumpter, the new director at FOAM.

“We were asked if we could increase the number in the library from one to three so we’re doing that,” Sumpter offered in an email.

Specifically, two new filling stations will be added to the first and third floors, with a third station on the first floor remaining a possibility.

In addition to the stations themselves, new environmentally-friendly water bottles will be sold near existing soda and water fountains in major hubs on campus.

“We’ll try to get them in the two C-stores on campus,” Vlok said. “Ultimately, our goal is before finals. We find that the library is obviously very busy during dead week and finals week, so hopefully
(the filling stations) will be installed by then.”