Evan Spiegel, Robert Murphy

Initial release date:

September 2011


Number six on Apple’s 10 most downloaded apps of 2013.

Operating system: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Revenue Earned:

None. In November 2013, Facebook offered $3 billion to purchase the software. Snapchat owners declined.


Users send pictures or video which receivers can view on mobile devices for up to 10 seconds. After the time allowance expires, the picture or video is inaccessible on the receiving mobile device and deleted from Snapchat servers.


Critics claim deleted photos can be retrieved on the Android OS by using forensic software.  Facebook and Tumblr  closed sites claiming to be posting images of naked women photographed with the software.

Why students use it:

“It’s a good conversation starter. It can break the ice with people and build friendships and relationships. You are able to express yourself in different situations with different emotions and it just allows you to break the ice a lot faster,” said sophomore health education promotion major Tristan Youngstrom.

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