Students learn to get “LinkedIn”

“Are You LinkedIn?!” the interactive workshop on Friday, Dec. 13,  Lacrosse Coach Paul Damon Rocchio and resident executive for College of Business and Economics, introduced Jeremy Schifeling, product marketing manager for LinkedIn at the Skaggs Hall of Learning.

Schifeling, was live in a power presentation on the three big screens from San Francisco who spoke before an audience of about 500 people. This educational speech explained why and how students should be using this free network to find a job.

A panel of experts, of national and local executives shared networking experience on how they hire candidates from LinkedIn. The panel spoke about the benefits of putting a profile on LinkedIn in place of a resume, which is more effective in getting noticed by prospective companies world-wide and locally.

For more information, the video recorded below by Chris Lloyd, an I.T.M. student at Boise State recorded, is available at:

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