Bowl Prophet: The BCS national championship 2014, The Mountain West And More Football Bowl Games

BCS National Championship 2014 – Auburn vs. Florida State

I am firmly convinced that, as much as I dislike the BCS system, the BCS national championship 2014 is a fantastic matchup that has accurately paired the top two teams in the country. I think that this game, while featuring enough defensive action to be interesting on that side of the ball, becomes an excellent showcase of both team’s powerful offensive capabilities. In a fitting end to the final BCS National Championship 2014 game, Auburn continues its miracle season and wins on a 2 point conversion in the last seconds. Final score 36-35 Auburn. Marshall walks away with 3 touchdowns and Mason walks away with 2 touchdowns. Winston has another Heisman worthy game and throws 4 touchdowns but ultimately Florida State’s weaker schedule and lack of competition comes back to haunt the Seminoles.  No matter which team you pick, the BCS National Championship 2014 game should be a great game for any football fan to watch.


Orange Bowl – Clemson vs. Ohio State

Let’s face it, Ohio State’s resume is a joke and it showed against the Wolverines and Spartans. The Buckeyes aren’t used to big, close games against teams that don’t roll over and the Orange Bowl is going to showcase that perfectly. This game is going to be close early but ultimately Ohio State is left behind late in only their third game against a currently ranked opponent and only their second game against a decent opponent all year. Tajh Boyd puts up an excellent final game and Braxton Miller breaks down under pressure, although Hyde might provide a lone bright spot for the Buckeye offense. Ohio State’s defense decides not to show up sporadically throughout the game. After karma repays him for his breach of tradition, Urban Meyer throws in the towel and once again refuses to sing with fans. Final score is 42-28 Clemson.


Sugar Bowl – Alabama vs. Oklahoma

This is a game that should never have been a game. A riled up Alabama team is all set to steamroll an Oklahoma team that has been inconsistent, lucky and just got done playing quarterback roulette versus Oklahoma State. A.J. McCarron puts up another excellent game to cap off a well played senior year, except this time there isn’t a determined Auburn squad on the other side of the ball. I also can’t imagine the off again on again Oklahoma offense having any success against a defense that will no doubt be eager to prove their mettle after getting manhandled by the Tigers. I almost feel sorry for Oklahoma as they get steamrolled by the SEC for the second straight year. Watch as Nick Saban’s patented glare follows each field goal all the way through the uprights. Final score 42-10 Alabama.


Rose Bowl – Stanford vs. Michigan State

Sparty stays in the game early, making some solid defensive stands to keep the game interesting but ultimately the Big 10 has an embarrassing bowl season as Stanford’s grinding running game takes the lead in the second half. Final score 28-17 Stanford. The Big 10 sulks in what is left of the conference during the holidays. On the bright side, Michigan State has provided us with an interesting new power team in the Big 10 and even with a loss to Stanford, it will be interesting to watch their development and possible conference jump in the coming years.


Fiesta Bowl – Central Florida vs. Baylor

Although I love underdogs, I just don’t see this as a game Central Florida can win without a miracle. Look for Baylor to struggle early but ultimately overpower the Knights in to many aspects of a game that will prove to be to big for the last potential BCS buster. By the way, make sure to say your goodbyes to the era of BCS busters. I suggest buying a copy of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl DVD in addition to some well priced incense from a local Boise shop. Final score 35-16 Baylor.


Cotton Bowl – Oklahoma State vs. Missouri

This will be a fantastic shootout between two great offenses. Game is close until the bitter end but I am going to go out on a limb and pick Oklahoma State to show up big after an embarrassing loss to Oklahoma that ended the conference season. Most likely the second most entertaining offensive struggle of the bowl series with the Cowboys eventually pulling out a 59-56 win on a field goal in the last seconds.


Sheraton Hawaii – Boise State vs. Oregon State

Boise State University V New Mexico Football (Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter)

Broncos are far from the BCS National Championship 2014 title game

I hate predicting this one but I have to be fair. This is a challenging matchup at best for the Broncos and has the potential to become embarrassing very quickly. Oregon State has an excellent quarterback who can put up points and Boise State’s defense is shot for the season, not to mention the effect that Coach Pete’s departure will have on the Broncos as a team. I see this as a close, relatively high scoring game but the Broncos can’t pull out a fourth win or a fourth quarter win over the rival Beavers. Final score is 45-38 Oregon State with Boise State failing to score a touchdown in the last minutes. Look for burning effigies of Coach Pete and also look for the Broncos to miss at least one field goal. In all fairness however, our Broncos are in a tough spot here and even a decent showing against the Beavers would be acceptable under the current circumstances.


Poinsettia Bowl – Utah State vs. Northern Illinois

This will be a rough night for the Aggies. The Mountain West takes another beating as Jordan Lynch drops a 50 burger on a Utah State team that is going to be completely overmatched by the Huskies energetic offense. This game features a Utah State team that has lost against all of the best teams on their schedule and really has no offensive stars to speak of. Lynch should rack up 5 touchdowns in total and have a field day running, all while offering multiple reasons for NFL teams to take a look at the talented dual threat. The final score comes out 52-14 Northern Illinois.


Las Vegas Bowl – Fresno State vs. Southern California

David Carr ends his season with a bang, impressing NFL scouts and shredding a Trojan team that is in shambles after a tough end of regular season loss and the departure of the coach that almost brought the program back from the brink. Like Boise State, the Trojans are in a tough spot right now and Fresno State will not be in a merciful mood as they attempt to prove that they should have been in consideration for BCS busting. The Bulldogs prove that the Trojan victory over Stanford was nothing more than a fluke as they exploit a defense that gives up nearly 400 yards a game and allowed nearly 500 years against a Cal team with only one win on the entire season. Final score is 45-20 Fresno but the Trojans don’t even score until the second half.


Idaho Potato Bowl – San Diego State vs. Buffalo

The hometown bowl matchup looks to be an interesting game for those watching, although there are no national implications for two teams that are 7-5 and 8-4 respectively. The common tie in is Ohio State, which beat both teams handily in non-conference play at the beginning of the season. However, Buffalo did slightly better, managing 20 points against the Buckeyes. Take that with a grain of salt however, as the Buckeyes lost Braxton Miller early to leg cramps. Buffalo is also rolling into the bowl game on one the best seasons in school history. On the other hand, San Diego State has been the comeback school all year, consistently playing tough in the fourth quarter, so it’s hard to count them out of a game that looks to be very evenly matched. I expect to see decent plays on both sides of the ball and a close game until the finish, with the final score ending up 31-21 with the Aztecs on top.


Heart Of Dallas Bowl – UNLV vs. North Texas

I can’t see this game offering any highlights worth watching. I am expecting a mediocre game, with North Texas edging the Rebels from the beginning. This is the sort of bowl game that shouldn’t even be played. Final score 34-28 North Texas.


5 Teams That Shouldn’t Be In College Football Bowl Games:

Oklahoma-Sounds strange to argue this one, but hear me out. My argument here is purely due to placement. Yes the Sooners deserve a bowl game, just not a Sugar Bowl BCS berth against an angry SEC team that was defending a national title not to long ago. Oklahoma is a decent team but Alabama is going to come at the Sooners like, well a rolling tide. It is not going to be pretty and seeing as how this will be the second time the Sooners will take a beating at the hands of the SEC in a major bowl game, I would go so far as to say that Texas won’t be the only Big-12 school to face some coaching rumors. Not to mention the sad excuse of a game the fans will have to watch, this time without Johnny Manziel to even make it bearable. Even at the end, the money grubbing politics of the BCS can still ruin good games. Oklahoma shouldn’t be in this position, period.


Iowa-This ruling is also one of placement. Although Iowa’s record isn’t horrible(it isn’t great either), this team has lost every single game that mattered. Iowa had shots at two potential conference champions this year and failed both times. This game against the Tigers is going to haunt Iowa fans for years to come as a battered LSU still dismantles the Hawkeyes. Speaking of which, bowl season this year is going to be a disaster for the Big Ten. Just saying.


Cincinnati-The Bearcats have a pretty good record but that is about all that looks good in Ohio. Yes, Buckeye fans, I am talking to you. The Bearcats lost to 2-10 South Florida by 6 points, are 8-6 in bowl competition in school history and have been dominated in the last two bowl games against decent teams. I would be unfair to not mention that Cincinnati has won their last two bowl games, although the two teams that the Bearcats beat both had .500 records coming into each bowl game. The Bearcats have no rushers who have gained more than 700 yards this season and their receiving game is equally minimal. Cincinnati is an average team who is practically begging North Carolina to have a big game.


Pitt-And now we get to the really bad teams. The 6-6 Panthers are a fantastic example of a team that should be checking in the gear. While the Panthers somehow managed to scrape by Duke and Notre Dame, they lost every other game that mattered, beat fellow 6-6 Syracuse by a single point and proceeded to average at least 2 turnovers in their last three games. The fact that this sad team limped into bowl eligibility is one of the great travesties of college football.


Rutgers-The Scarlet Knights have gone one step further than Pitt in that this team hasn’t won a single important game all season. The Knights had a shot at the Mountain West champion, Fresno State and could have also derailed the bowl busting goals of Central Florida but instead were beaten by both. The Knights passing game is completely average, with their top receiver averaging a mere 44 yards per game and their quarterback tossing 14 interceptions with a 55% completion percentage that is partially explained by the 25 sacks he sustained this season.


Extra college football tidbits:

*Utah State has a chance to play the underdog and win one for the Mountain West by beating Northern Illinois. It’s a long shot but a win would strengthen the conference resume and mark Utah State as a legitimate future contender.

*A win by the Broncos makes their recent record against Oregon State 4-0 Broncos. Bragging rights are on the line here. More importantly, a win for the Broncos would be a huge boon to a fan base and team that is in turmoil following the departure of the beloved Coach Pete.

*If the Broncos win big and the Bulldogs play decently, the Mountain West will take a clean sweep of the Pac-12 in the postseason, which would be one of the best post-holiday presents I could imagine.

*San Diego State and UNLV are just playing for Mountain West props at this point but if they both win, then the Mountain West is two teams closer to a full postseason sweep, which is cool sounding at the very least, even if it doesn’t carry much meaning in the long term.

Enjoy the holiday and bowl season!  As the year ends, say good-bye to the old BCS National Championship 2014 system and look forward to the new “playoff” model slated to start with fall 2014 college football.

BCS Bowl Match Up Ratings:

  • Sugar Bowl

  • Fiesta Bowl

  • Rose Bowl

  • Orange Bowl

  • BCS National Title game

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