Sandwhich shop brings end to lunch time bleus

When choosing where to eat for lunch downtown, coffee shops galore entice customers with discounted bagels and specialty lattes to curb midday hunger. But having lunch at a coffee shop is disrespectful to lunch time.

Even though options may be slim for an inexpensive lunch stop downtown, this time it’s perfectly fine to be bleu.

Bleubird is an elegant, yet casual, downtown lunch stop featuring sandwiches and other fine, yet affordable, fine dishes headlined with bleu cheese.

Located in the former dwellings of the Fixx coffee shop on 10th Street, Bleubird features a unique dining experience at a bar, where diners see their food made from fresh ingredients before their eyes, or at one of the many window-side tables throughout the two-level cafe.

Beer and wine is available, as well as the zest that only an old-fashioned bottle of Coca-Cola can provide.

The friendly and laidback staff are as just as much of a reason to visit Bleubird as their dozens of unpronounceable fine cheeses. While enjoying my beautifully constructed smoked pork sandwich, staff members used the cash register computer to share the latest viral video with Sarah Kornfield, who co-owns Bleubird with her husband, Dave Kelly.

“Some of us are trying to get work done!” Kornfield joked, with me dining just feet away at the bar.

Even for the less adventurous of diners, like myself, Bleubird offers simple grilled cheese sandwiches and entrees made with the same detail of its signature bleu cheese specialties.

Bleubird recently celebrated its first year since opening its doors in August of 2012, and it’s obvious why customers keep coming by. With the speed of Jimmy Johns, and the quality of five-star restaurant, what’s not to love?

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John Engel

John Engel is the sports editor of the Arbiter. He got interested in journalism when he was cut from the baseball team his junior year of high school. He started writing for his high school newspaper and swore he would one day work for ESPN, and indeed he did. He recently finished an internship with ESPN as a radio production intern where he talked to Kobe Bryant and almost fainted. He still works with ESPN Radio's Boise affiliate, ESPN Boise as a studio engineer, reporter and SportsCenter anchor. He is majoring in communication with an audio production emphasis, and plans to graduate sometime in the next decade. Follow John on Twitter: @EngelESPN