Working over the so-called break

I have been back in college for almost four years now and over that time I have always wondered what other students think of having tons of homework and tests due immediately following long breaks. I always work ahead on assignments, but I still never seem to be able to take an actual break.

And I’m not alone. There are tons of students who work on projects over our so-called breaks, but then there are some who don’t.

Camilo Rojas, junior Health science major 

Q: Are you a student who had to work on assignments throughout the entire break?

A: I got all my homework done beforehand, because I’m what you would call really cool. I’m not dumb or a slacker and I’m pretty forward thinking.

Q: Did your professors assign anything that was due immediately following the break, like a big assignment or a test?

A: No. I finished the quiz (that was due) a week

Q: So you had no school work to do over the break?

A: No, because I have real work you know. I’m not like 18, I’m actually 30.

Sidney Crabtree, sophomore, computer science major

Q: What kind of assignments did you have assigned immediately before the break and what do you have due after?

A: I had a 20 minute persuasive presentation due at the end of break and we’re presenting at the end of
this week.

Q: Did that force you to work on it over the
entire break?

A: It’s a group project, so we all had to collaborate and we all live in different states, so it was kind of rough. But we weren’t working all of break. We just had a lot of emails going back and forth.

Q: Did you get to take any break at all?

A: Yeah some, but not as much as I would have liked.

Q: What do you think of professors assigning work that you have to do over
the break?

A: It was a bummer.

Ronnie Blackwell, Senior, Spanish major

Q: What did you have to work on over the break?

A: One of the things that we had to do was this side project for the Spanish department and it’s worth 5 percent of our grade. We have to make a five minute video for each Spanish course that you’re taking upper division and it’s due the first week after Thanksgiving. So it’s heavily implied that you do it over the break, along with studying. I have an exam this week and all of our assignments still on a normal basis are due for this last week. So I have a test, those four videos and still all that homework.

Q: How do you feel about having to work over break instead of actually having a break?

A: It’s stressful. If you don’t do it then you’re thinking about it. If you are doing it then you’re just constantly either at school over break or you don’t get to spend as much time with family as you want to, especially people that have to commute to places.

Q: Did you get much time before break to plan for this homework?

A: They give you all semester to plan it but it’s still like a new thing. So everyone else is still learning how to even do it. It’s kind of like not until now do you actually focus on it. They tell you about it at the beginning but it’s one of those things that nobody really thinks about until the end because we’ve had to do a whole bunch of other things for all my other classes.

Q: So it was pretty significant to you?

A: Yeah, especially if you’re trying to maintain a decent GPA and B’s and A’s. Five percent of your grade is huge. And it’s 5 percent that’s a side project; it’s not even anything that’s in the curriculum.

Rachel Oldham, sophomore, criminal justice major

Q: Why didn’t you have homework or major assignments due after the break?

A: My teachers didn’t want to do homework and they knew we didn’t want to do homework, so they said ‘don’t worry about it.’

Q: And that was for all of your classes?

A: Yeah, it was. It was

Q: How many classes are you taking?

A: Five.

Q: So out of five classes none of them assigned anything major?

A: Yeah, no, just light

Q: So did you have a
nice break?

A: I did. Well, I worked a 40 hour Black Friday weekend, but it was pretty good.

Q: Do you feel that not having homework over the break was beneficial?

A: Yes, very much so. I like not having to worry about too many things especially on my Black Friday weekend working retail.

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