New master’s program introduced

Many sports fans dream of being the coach. From the saftey of the couch they know it all. “They should have done this. That’s what I would have done,” they say. However, that’s often as far as it goes. Many have no idea how to even get started.

However Boise State is implementing a new master’s program for all prospective students interested in earning their masters in coaching or athletic administration.

The official title for the program is “Master of Athletic Leadership” where you learn to be an athletic administrator and/or coach.

“There is a big push across the country for people to be professionally trained how to be coaches; coaching education is a big focus at a lot of different places,” said Tyler Johnson, director of the program.

All students interested in joining this program must have an approved bachelor’s degree and pass the Graduate Record Exam with competency. Students are encouraged to have letters of recommendation as well.

Students will be able to expand their network as they will be surrounded by coaches from the best programs in the country.

“You get to rub shoulders with people from athletics and you’ll get to hear from pretty influential people in the world of athletics,” Johnson said.

As for the curriculum, it has already been approved. It is likely to be very practically orientated.

“Our goal is to watch you and provide consultation for you in the context of your practicum experience to help bridge the gap that can exist between theory and practice,” Johnson said. “There are 32 credits total. Ten are practical experience and the remaining classes include philosophy of sport and athletic leadership, foundations of sports and sports management.”

The program is awaiting the official approval from the State Board of Education. Once the proposal has been submitted it will take approximately three weeks for a decision to be made and the process to take its course.

The program is designed so student tuition supports the funds for the program. Idaho State University already has a similar master’s program, Athletic Administration, but the Boise State brand may be what separates it from other possible schools that carry such a program.

Freshman physical education major Tanner Tallan is interested in joining the program when the time comes.

“They have great sports teams like football it’s definitely a good place to say you went and you were a part of that,” Tallan said.

The program will likely debut in Fall 2014. The enrollment will try to be limited to 25 at the most, so acceptance will be very

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