Talk Nerdy To Me: Xbox One Review

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I want to say the Xbox One is everything that I hoped and dreamed for, but I would only be lying to myself and giving Microsoft credit for another poorly designed half-baked product. The bottom line is that the Xbox One is just not ready.

Unfortunately for me, I received a defective unit on launch day. My controller would randomly just disconnect right in the middle of a game. While this is definitely a blow against the Xbox from my perspective, I can honestly tell you that even if my hardware worked as it was supposed to, I still feel that the system is

My biggest gripe with the new Xbox One is the Kinect camera. When the Xbox One was announced, Microsoft said that every Xbox One would include a mandatory Kinect camera and the system would not function without it. Microsoft has since lifted the
“mandatory” part.

In reality, the Kinect is still required for just about everything. Instead of creating a console with a simple operating system that can easily be controlled using the standard controller, you are stuck with using the Kinect.

To perform even the simplest tasks like starting a party chat, you have to shout commands at your Kinect. That’s not to say that you cannot do the same tasks with just the controller. However, the same process that takes seconds to perform, shouting a command, takes several steps and about three times as long using the controller. So why not just use
the Kinect?

The answer is because it just doesn’t work about 50 percent of the time. Not to mention the fact that I feel like a baboon shouting commands or doing hand gestures at my TV. Even worse is the fact that Microsoft seems to be pushing for developers to add these gimmicks into
game play.

I’m sure that over time, the system will improve and hopefully the Kinect will just become an optional accessory. Until then, stick with the PlayStation 4 or even the Wii U.

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