Steen Says: We knew it would happen eventually

How do you capture the last eight years, in just 200 words?

Is this real life? If it is, Boise State fans’ worst nightmare came to life on Friday when eight-year head coach Chris Petersen announced he was taking his talents to the University of Washington.

Former coaches Lyle Smith, Pokey Allen, Dirk Koetter and Dan Hawkins all did things to improve the football program. Petersen however, took the Broncos to a whole different level: an unprecedented 92-12 record in eight seasons, which included two undefeated seasons, two BCS bowl victories and a 9-3 record against teams from power conferences.

When Petersen withdrew from the USC coaching search, Bronco fans thought they were in the clear and would keep the former UC Davis quarterback around.

Petersen’s announcement on Friday morning rocked the Boise community and left the program reeling and in search of a replacement.

Many fans are happy for Petersen. Many are confused. Many feel betrayed. The fact is now was the right time for Petersen to leave.

Petersen’s time put into the Boise State did more than anyone could imagine in putting the city on the map.

What’s next for the future for Boise State football? Only time will tell.

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Steen has been all about sports since he could walk. Currently, he’s an avid golfer. Steen is currently the assistant sports editor for The Arbiter, and has been a sports writer since fall 2012. Steen is majoring in communication with an emphasis in media studies to work in public relations. He will graduate in December 2014. Steen feels Boise State sports have done wonders for putting Boise on the map. Steen is also a Twitter addict, so follow him on Twitter @michaelsteen2.