Well-traveled Professor, Rick Moore lands at Boise State

Courtesy: Ty Hawkins

Communication Department chair Rick Moore has a case of wanderlust. Long before putting down roots to teach at Boise State, Moore didn’t stick with one school to earn his bachelor’s degree.

“I did something really weird; I went to three different schools as an undergraduate,” Moore said. “Which you’re not supposed to do.”

Moore admits he was and still is a bit of a traveler by nature. Moore has lived in seven different states and spent time outside the immediate United States in Guam.

After stops at Pacific Lutheran in Washington and down to Tempe for a stint at Arizona State, he finally earned his bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif.

Upon completing his undergraduate degree, he decided to head for the Pacific Northwest, where he attended the University of Oregon. There he earned his master’s degree and Ph.D. in mass

Ever the roaming man, Moore taught part-time in Washington, but was looking for a full-time job at the collegiate level for his first tenured teaching job. His wife Kim holds a degree in elementary education and felt she would land a job no matter where he ended up teaching.

His next stop was Orange City, Iowa, where he taught at Northwestern College, a small private liberal arts college. Moore and Kim agreed they wanted to get back to the Northwest once he gained some experience. After four years at Northwestern, a job opened at Boise State and he applied.

In 1994 Moore began teaching at Boise State and has been there ever since. Currently he is in his ninth year as department chair while also teaching Legal and Ethical Issues of Mass Media, Advanced Studies in Media, as well as overseeing department internships and practicums.

“He’s intense and he knows his stuff,” fellow communication colleague Laurel Traynowicz Ph.D said.

Senior communication major John Edmundson is taking Legal and Ethical Issues of Mass Media with Moore and enjoys how the course is structured.

“I find a lot of the reading and content challenging because of the deep themes,” Edmundson said. “I really enjoy the way Dr. Moore lets our class openly debate.”

Moore’s children were raised in the Boise area. Emily 21, attends George Fox University in Oregon, and his son Danny is a senior at Boise High School, is planning to attend college as well.

He’s been married to Kim for 24 years and they have a beagle named Oliver.

“He’s a scoundrel,” Moore said.

After more than 25 years of teaching, the fire still burns to help students learn and he doesn’t plan on retiring or leaving Boise State University anytime soon.

“I like the environment of the university,” Moore said.  “It’s a place where you can spend a lot of time thinking and talking
about ideas.”

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