Netflix Picks: Standup Five Star Special

Louis CK – Live at the Beacon Theater: Louis CK is your typical lovable asshole, except for the fact that a lot of what he complains about actually makes some sense. In this New York special, CK covers topics ranging from fatherhood, success and flying first class. For a man who fits the stereotype of a stocky middle-aged American seeking a life in comedy, he has definitely gone beyond his 15 minutes of fame. He has taken the comedy world by storm, providing a gambit of relatable raunchiness that is sure to make you laugh out loud and also gain some valuable wisdom on life. You know, through a barrage of masturbation references and f-bombs evoked by society.

Kevin Hart – I’m a Grown Little Man: Kevin Hart is your atypical smart-ass, and God bless him for it. When comedians can properly incorporate self-deprecating humor into their acts while simultaneously making fun of everyone and everything, you’ve found something special. This HBO feature has been extremely popular since its release, solidifying Hart’s rise to comedy fame. From hilarious antics about his miniature stature and wisecracks about his personality-filled children, Hart knows how to draw a crowd. It is perfect for a pick-me-up Netflix night where you need a little laughter in your stressful night. Perhaps have a drink or two, then enjoy.

Aziz Ansari – Buried Alive: Aziz Ansari provides a special brand of comedy to his audience, which defines the contemporary generation which exists today. This special has a bit more significance than some of his other performances for the mere fact that he just turned 30. Ansari takes up the “what you should do with life” and tosses it out he window in whiff of hilarity and smart-ass remarks. This is what makes this special so brilliant and attractive to all ages as he delivers a no-holds-barred type of skit where he basks in his ability to pull no punches towards the frivolousness of life.

Katt Williams – Kattpacalypse: The well-permed genius that is Katt Williams has returned to the stand up comedy circuit after a few years hiatus. He has done so with a revenge, selling out the famed Nokia Theater for this stand up Netflix special. If there ever was a comedian who always put his whole heart, soul and emotion into every performance it’s Williams. This is a man who utilizes all that is available to him on stage: his water bottles, his stool and the sound system of the venue. Even a few celebrity music artists such as Lil Jon make appearances on stage for really no apparent reason except for the fact that they’re just awesome. Enjoy this special thoroughly. You won’t regret it.

Craig Ferguson – I’m Here to Help: Netflix did not forget to add some excellent international comics, and Craig Ferguson is the best of the best. The slightly pervy, middle-aged former alcoholic Scotsman is one of those types of people you wish was your uncle. With him around you would never be depressed. What makes Ferguson so appealing  is that he talks about everything in life: marriage, pop culture, addiction, sex and being a parent. Ferguson is a master showman. With quick topic changes and outrageous accents—good luck not laughing throughout the entire show.

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