Study Tip: Finals are Coming

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You have worked hard all semester and now it’s time for the ultimate showdown: Final Exams.

This week’s study tip is a compilation of all the things that you can do to help improve your chances of acing this last round of exams.

First and foremost, make sure to take care of yourself during this extra-stressful part of the

No matter how busy you are, a good night’s sleep will help you think clearer, reason better, and manage stress like a champ.  Eating healthy food instead of fast food will give your body good fuel for strong, long lasting energy.

Also be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and energized.

Remember that caffeinated or sugary beverages tend to cause peaks and drops in energy that can strike at any time; stick with water and try to avoid coffee and soda, especially right before bed or before/during a test.

Another big key to maintaining health during finals week is to not forget your exercise.

Maintaining your workout schedule can help your body feel refreshed and will also do wonders for stress relief (yoga or kickboxing at  the Rec  would be a great way to work out your test anxiety).

Hopefully you have made and stuck to a study schedule that has you completely prepared for the last round of tests to avoid last minute cramming.

Here are a few quick tips that could help you organize and manage these last few days before the end of the semester:

Prioritize your exams:   decide what needs the most focus and work.

Set goals:  commit to one hour per subject or one subject per day (or whatever goals work for you) and stick with it.

Use study tools:  Flash cards, study groups, university resources, re-write your
notes, etc.

Take breaks: Studying in chunks gives you a chance to absorb all the material you’ve gone over and give your mind a periodic re-charge break.

Reward yourself:  Once you finish a study session give yourself a treat for all your hard work­—you deserve it.

One last important reminder: Don’t forget to use the resources that Boise State provides you.  Nothing looks better for a university than showing off how smart and successful their students are and during final exams the school sponsored events are created specifically to benefit you.

Every semester the Student Involvement and Leadership Center puts on  finals relief events that are available for Boise State students to take advantage of.

This semester they will be offering free massages, therapy and service dogs for doggy stress relief, a midnight pancake breakfast at the BRC the Sunday before finals, and many other awesome events and services.

You pay big bucks to go to Boise State so make sure to enjoy all the benefits the your university offers.  Good luck during finals, I know you will do great.

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