Macklemore isn’t coming to Boise State University for the Spring Fling on May 4. He’s going to be at University of Idaho the day before; because the U of I gets everything better than us, right?

“U of I has better parties.”

“U of I has better Greek Life.”

“U of I has a more traditional university feel to it.”

Though I’m not personally vindicating them, maybe all of the above statements are true.

But WE had Macklemore first. WE had Macklemore on Oct. 18 at the Knitting Factory downtown. And WE may not be better; but neither is U of I. Both Boise State and the University of Idaho have their strong-suits.

On May 4, Mike Posner is performing at the Taco Bell Arena. Mike Posner kicks ass and that’s all there is to it. It’s unfair to say either Mike Posner or Macklemore is better at their mutual art-form.

Just because Thrift Shop has played on the radio about 1,000 times a day for past few months doesn’t mean Macklemore is more deserving of being considered the better artist; just as Boise State deserves not to be considered the inferior school.

Here, downtown is less than a mile away. There, downtown hardly exists. There’s a reason all the University of Idaho kids party as much as they do: there’s hardly anything else to do there. Moscow is a rural town with not nearly as much night-life so close to campus.

And not only is downtown Boise so accessible to our undergrads, but there are plenty of outdoor activities to be done such as floating the river, hiking foothills, and biking on any number of nearby trails.

So maybe U of I does have better parties and more of them. But it really depends on what one is looking for as far as recreation. Granted, if one is looking for a place where the alcohol flows aplenty, maybe Boise State wasn’t the right choice.

Now, as far as U of I having a more established Greek System and a traditional feel, they’ve been around since the late 19th century where Boise State has been around since the mid-20th century; thus, of course they’ve ascertained more traditions.

And on an exciting note, it’s rumored we’ll be getting a Greek Row fairly soon here; a rumor large enough to have made it onto our Wikipedia page. Provided this is true, clearly the University is doing its best to improve and make more exciting the undergrad experience.

So, undergrads, stop being so hard on your university. Mike Posner is just as good as Macklemore and we should go see him at the Taco Bell Arena this Saturday.