February 14; for the lucky people who have a significant other, it’s the perfect time to show them how much you really care. That’s right, it’s time to get down and dirty with the one you love most. But how do you make the occasion even more special? You’ll need wine, candles and a sexy playlist to set the mood.


  1. Let’s Get it On – Marvin Gaye
  2. High For This – The Weeknd
  3. Cockiness – Rihanna
  4. Bump ‘n’ Grind – R. Kelly
  5. My Heroine – The Maine
  6. Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon
  7. Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye
  8. Everlong – Foo Fighters
  9. S&M – Rihanna
  10. Buttons – Pussycat Dolls
  11. You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
  12. Turn Your Lights Down Low – Bob Marley
  13. Feeling This – Blink 182
  14. Closer – Nine Inch Nails
  15. 1 + 1 – Beyonce
  16. Do You Realise? – The Flaming Lips
  17. I Just Had Sex – The Lonely Island

Just remember to pop in this playlist once you and your lover are ready to cuddle up for the night, and get ready for the best sex of your life, thanks to Marvin Gaye and R. Kelly.

Click here to listen to this playlist!