Re-branding can give your organization a whole new look. The idea is  simple; organizations such as  companies and universities have a public face which people see and recognize, and when you re-brand that public face is changed or updated in some way.

There are a lot of reasons for an organization to re-brand, and in the case of Boise State our diamond logo—which has been in use since 2001—was perhaps not a great icon for the school if only because it doesn’t seem to relate to anything. The change was a good call.

While a really straightforward letter logo such as our new one is not particularly flashy or exciting, it is clean and easy to reproduce. Soon it will probably start showing up on sweaters and other Bronco swag at the bookstore.

As the university grows it is important for our image to be easily recognizable and easy to spread. The diamond logo was just not easily recognizable.

Boise State’s growth has been steady over the last few years and a cool developments have come as a result of student work, such as work on ion thrusters by the College of Engineering.

There is no telling where university developments will eventually end up. With cool sci-fi stuff like Google-backed, Planetary Resources Inc. talking about mining asteroids in the not-so-distant future, it’s not farfetched to think some of their space vehicles could one day be using components developed by Broncos.

The point is Boise State is making progress as a university and that is good news for everyone here. A more reputable school means a degree from Boise State will carry more weight, and a more respected degree is what students should be getting from their school.

Mikhiale Camacho, a sophomore studying radiology, shared some of her thoughts on the new look and if it was a match for what the university is

“We were known as a commuter college and now with something more fun and inviting, we have a new logo to look forward to. I think it’s more appealing to newer generations coming into Boise State,” Camacho said

Boise State’s new look is similar to that of University of Oregon, which is both a respected academic institution as well as a football school. Part of the new logo is that it will almost certainly appear on Bronco football gear at some point.

In regard to the comparison, Camacho said, “I do feel like we have really great programs here such as the radiology program and the nursing program, our business program is booming, we just got a brand new building. Of course people are going to come here because they want to see BSU play, but I mean they didn’t do so hot this year so you can’t really say that ‘yes, we are just a football school,’ now I think that academics is starting to rise too.”

Ariel Strasser, an English and German double major, said, “It keeps trying to move away from football, we get a lot of football everywhere, I go home to Illinois for summer and winter breaks, and someone sees my sweatshirt it’s ‘oh my gosh Boise State football.’ But it’s got its engineering program, it’s got its business, it’s got other things
besides that.”

Another concern worth mentioning would be if the new identity for the university would make the school appear to be more of a commercial institution where students go in, pay their money and get a degree with the receipt more like a fast food restaurant, but input from students familiar with the updated look quickly quelled this concern.

“I don’t think a logo can do that, no. We were a B before the diamond that we had … It’s definitely more stylish than it was previously. I did like the diamond, but it (the new logo) does have that diagonal line it looks like its moving forward. But other than that it is just a B. It doesn’t have 20,000 students for a logo,” Strasser said.

Camacho said, “I don’t believe it cheapens the university in any way. I think it attracts more people to it; it’s not as dull as the other logo that we had. I think it’s more fun and inviting.”

Boise State will continue to grow and it will likely see many changes in years to come, but it is important that it adapts to new changes.

So, while there are many facets to a university’s public image and if it really has the credentials behind its look, one thing is certain, Boise State has come a long way over the years and its look should reflect this.

We’re a sharp, progressive campus, so it should represent itself as one.