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Brother of Newtown school shooter races to dispel false ID on…

Ryan Lanza was falsely accused of murder on the national news and his Facebook profile was shared widely as he raced to post, ‘I didn’t do it,” to quell the rumors. Releasing the incorrect identity of the Sandy Hook shooter was one of the many mistakes made by media on the tragic day of Friday, Dec. 14.

How can I help myself if I am depressed?

For many, the holidays can be a time of great joy, but for others the holidays may spark sadness, loneliness and possibly depression. A few tips may help out with the blues, but for anyone seriously depressed this holiday season, please consult professional guidance.

GOP’s Latest Fiscal Cliff Offer: Permanent Extension Of Bush Tax Cuts…

The latest offer from the GOP is one the Obama Administration has already deemed unacceptable. As the president pushes for higher taxes on the top 2 percent the GOP calls for permanent tax cuts for the same demographic. Here we come, fiscal cliff.