There was a great pasta feast on Thursday, Dec. 6. There were noodles galore. There was alfredo and marinara and meat sauce. There was a mountain of garlic bread and a green salad that would have allowed you to tell your mother that you actually ate your vegetables this week. And while partaking of this great feast, you might have actually learned something. You know, if you had been there.

Author and Idaho gubernatorial candidate Jana Kemp was invited to speak by The Leadership Society (LSBSU), a club in its second year here at Boise State.

It is a club dedicated to providing leadership opportunities to students through networking, leadership skills and community service.

The event was open to everyone, though the dinner was RVSP. About 30 people were expected, and there was food for 50. However only about ten were in attendance and many of those were recruited.

When asked how they felt about attendance LSBSU secretary Megan Buxton, sophomore communications major said, “Obviously we’re all a little bit disappointed about the turnout but we do understand that there are a lot of other events going on tonight and it’s also close to finals. So we do understand.”

Kemp gave a workshop where she spoke on time management and her experiences in business, as an author and in public office. The basis of Kemp’s experience revolved around learning and implementing the POWER mode of decision making: Purpose, Options, When, Emotions, Rights and responsibilities.

As Kemp said, “Why? What is it about? That’s the purpose. What resources do I have? That’s the options. When does it have to be done? And how do I feel about it? That’s the emotions. Which takes us to rights and responsibilities. If I say yes, what’s my responsibility? What right do I have to assistance or compensation? … And most importantly I have the right to say no if I don’t want to do it.”

Though the turnout was less than what was hoped for those in attendance enjoyed themselves.

Diana Carillo, sophomore graphic design major said, “I actually wasn’t planning on coming. I was out doing my homework when they called me in but I’m glad I did. It was interesting. And the food is good.”