“You remember that, Johnson” is Katie Johnson’s survival guide to Boise State detailing her experiences last year as a first-year freshman from out of state. 


Break is around the corner.

A few hefty papers, maybe a few multiple choice tests, throw a presentation in there are we are home free.

A full month at home.

What could be better?

No class, no assignments. Some of you might even get out of having to work.

But, heed my advice my dorm-living broncos.

You have become awkwardly close to the people on your floor.

You study with them, you eat with them, you see them every day.

And I know you’re thinking you’ve been close to people before.

But living with people puts you on a completely different level of friendship than, say, what would have been your standard high school friendships.

I know I made some of the best friends I have ever had in Chaffee.

And then break comes. And if you’re anything like me you are stoked to be going home. You are more than ready.

And being home will be nice.

You’ll get some home-cooked meals. Maybe your mom will do your laundry.

And then a week or two in…

Not seeing your friends will start to bother you.

And suddenly a month turns into something close to an eternity.

It’s probably not going to be all that fun missing your friends, or all your freedoms and sometimes I even find myself just missing Boise.

But you’ll get through it. And you’ll probably be better fed.