Courtesy  Cher Wada Koenig

While working as an adjunct professor, Bailey Ross worked about 80 hours a week between several colleges, including Boise State.

The numerous hours lasted about a year after receiving her master’s degree, until she was finally hired by Boise State to work as Assistant Director of Developmental Mathematics.

Graduates can be hired to teach math immediately upon earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, since a lot of schools don’t require a master’s degree. Boise State is among those schools but since Ross had graduated from Boise State in 2010 with her master’s degree and had previously worked here, she was a preferred candidate for the position.

“Most people don’t graduate from BSU and then get hired here (in the math department). For the higher jobs, like professors, professors usually graduate from somewhere else, because there aren’t any doctorate programs at BSU,” said Ross who wrote her 80 page master’s thesis on Virtual Knot Theory.

Before Boise State, Ross attended schools in California, Florida and then Kentucky.

“It wasn’t just the academics that were different, it was the whole atmosphere,” Ross said. “When I came to Boise I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I fell in love with Boise.”

Boise State had a large impact on Ross, and her students also experienced her love of teaching in the classroom.

“All through high school I really struggled with math.  I thought that I was one of those people who sucked at math and that was just how it was. It really kept me from pursuing a college education; I just thought I can’t do it,” said Allyson Crane a former math 124 student. “Coming back into college I was really intimidated. And then we had that 025 professor that was really hard and so I was really nervous going into
Bailey’s class.”

Crane continuing to discuss Ross’s teaching style said,  “I really appreciated her being able to present the information in a different way and relate to me and teach me in a way that would make sense. She worked with me for hours until I got it and that really impacted me and I realized that I can do it.”

Ross, who advocates the advantages of taking math classes, went on to explain the perks of graduating from Boise State.

“Part of the awesome aspect of being an alumna at BSU is that you get to be connected to what they call Bronco Nation. I still work here, but even if I didn’t work here, you have this special connection to everybody who’s gone to BSU and to everybody in Boise who loves BSU. It’s a nice hub for people,” Ross said. “BSU isn’t just a school for academics it’s also a place where people can come and develop relationships.”