Recently, residents in more than 30 states, including Idaho, have filed secession petitions with the “We the People” program through the White House website.

In order for a petition to merit a response it must reach 25,000 signatures within a 30 day limit. If a petition does reach the 25,000 mark in the allotted days the Obama Administrations has said the petition will be reviewed and a response will be issued.

In Arlington, TX a petition was filed by one citizen reaching nearly 60,000 signatures on Tuesday, Nov. 13. The petition cited grievances such as, “Neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending (and) abuse of rights such as the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).”

In addition to Idaho, other western states with residents filing petitions to secede include; Arizona, California, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.

In response to the petitions for secession, additional petitions have been filed that would strip citizenship from individuals signing onto petitions to secede or have those calling for secession to be exiled.