Zach Chastine / The Arbiter

Cody Neveu

Sophmore – Zoology


Just in the labs, since they’re only offered a few times a week, if you miss them then you’re out of luck for the whole lab. But classes, not so much. They seem to be pretty lenient if you miss them. I don’t really have classes where if you’re not here you automatically fail because they’re massive lecture halls.


Zach Chastine / The Arbiter

Chun Feng

Freshman – Psychology


I’m rarely sick so I’m not sure these absence policies apply. I guess it’s my positive way of thinking and eating healthy.



Zach Chastine / The Arbiter


Tajanee Simmons

Senior – Social Science


It was a 100 level class and the more absences we got the more he would drop our grade. So it was a window of 1/3. If we missed one then I think we were okay but if we missed like 2 or more then our grade dropped by a whole letter grade. So it was pretty intense, but that’s how it went, and I definitely wasn’t going to miss class because of that.