Students will soon have the option of choosing between two different Subway restaurant locations on campus. The Subway in the Education building will remain on campus, but the Student Union Building (SUB) will be welcoming an additional Subway in the
dining area.

Subway will be replacing University Bread Company, the sandwich shop that was there last spring. Bob Beers, Marketing Manager for University Dining Services, said, “Subway has a strong following and good brand recognition. We wanted something fresh and healthy for the students, and healthy options for vegan and vegetarian

The decision to put a second Subway came as a part of student surveys which showed students want sandwiches, specifically from Subway and they would like it to be located in the SUB.

The new Subway will be open Monday and there will be a grand opening on Friday, Oct. 12 with prizewheels and giveaways which will include many of the menu items.

Two other merchants became part of the campus dining options on Aug. 27. Papa John’s Pizza in the Interactive Learning Center (ILC) is serving personal size pizzas until 7 p.m. Students can also call the Papa John’s on Broadway and use their flex dollars to buy pizza. They will deliver to dormitories until 2 a.m.

The J.R. Simplot Cafe at Center of Busineess and Economics (COBE) is another choice. Located on the first floor of the new business building, the cafe is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is run by students who live in the dorms at COBE and are participating in the Live and Learn Program. They are serving Starbucks Coffee and Espresso drinks, Einstein’s bagels and pastries and offer soup and sandwich options for lunch. They are also going to be getting an oven so they can begin serving flatbread pizza.  The Starbucks Coffee is fair trade coffee, which means Starbucks is selective about the growers the coffee beans come from. It is a little more expensive, Beers said, but the quality is excellent.

Students also have a couple of other new additions to look forward to. Over Christmas break, the university will be installing a Panda Express in the ILC. At this point, it is still in the developmental stages, but is an addition many students are excited about.

Also, Wilkerson Lounge in Chaffee Hall will be getting a convenience store/grill that will be another late -night alternative.

The Pod at Wilks is the unofficial name, and it will be a convenience store very similar to the one at the SUB, but with the addition of a flat top grill.

At the grill, students will be able to grab things like pancakes and quesadillas. It will also be serving Starbucks fair trade coffee, and they will be open until 11 p.m. You can expect to see The Pod at Wilks opening some time this fall.

With all of the new dining options, there are now plenty of options to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

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