College athletic programs mean business.  It takes commitment and dedication to wake up for an early morning practice knowing you will be practicing a second time in the
afternoon heat.

This begs the question: How do students get involved with athletics on campus without the blood, sweat and tears of collegiate programs?

One way to do this is to become involved with intramural sports.  It is a great way to meet other students on campus. There is no need to have prior experience, as this is more recreational-based than anything else.

There are a variety of intramural sports offered on campus ranging from
volleyball to flag football and wheelchair basketball. Also, if there is an intramural sport you want to play that is not offered, you can make your own team.

In addition to having intramural sports on campus there are also club sports that provide the students with the opportunity to be involved. Club sports are one step above intramural in terms of competition level.

Many of the club sports compete on a national level. There is also more of a time commitment involved, as many of the teams have scheduled practice times and coaches that dedicate their own time for the team.

Similar to intramural sports, there are also many different club sports offered on campus that offer the same option of creating your own club team if your sport is not offered.

The University Health and Recreation Services will host Get Rec’d and Recover on Aug. 6 from 1-4 p.m.  This event takes place annually on the Sunday before classes start. The day includes games to indulge all student participants.

There will be grass volleyball, soccer, club sport demonstrations and health and nutrition information tables, with free food too.

If you are the type of student who prefers to watch the action but still be a
firsthand in the game, a referee position could be for you.

Intramural referees have the opportunity to be a part of the action and get paid at the same time.

Whether you wish to work with sports or just play the game you love, there are many options to get involved on campus with athletics.