Many of us are constantly on the prowl for the next-best fitness routine or diet, but something that falls by the wayside seems to be the benefits that come along with diet and exercise.

Yes, we are bombarded constantly by the diet that results in a loss of 10 pounds in two weeks, but is this  realistic?  Why not just fall back on what has always worked rather than the newest workout or diet fad?

As college students it can be even more challenging to eat healthy because we are surrounded by convenience that does not necessarily equate to healthy options in our food choices.

With all of the different food options that may  appeal when we are on the go, how do we make time to eat healthy?

Here are a few quick tips to help when you’re at the grocery store: Avoid foods with high sodium, high sugar, hydrogenated fats, and white carbohydrates.  This may sound daunting, but taking a few extra seconds to read the food label can result in a world of difference.

The Recreation Center (REC) also offers options for students.  They offer walk-in nutritional classes that provide advice and discuss topics such as food cravings, weight loss, low energy, healthy food choices, confusion over supplements, nutrition for athletes and more.

In addition, the REC has also begun a program known as the Bronco Health Initiative Summer Activity.

The Bronco Health Initiative will begin this fall on Monday, Sept. 10.  It gives students the opportunity to participate in free 45-minute physical activity sessions during each of the summer months and learn more about the largest employee  wellness  program on campus.

Eating healthy is just the start of leading a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is something we should all include in our daily lives.  However, all fitness routines differ on an individual basis.

The REC offers personal training for students.

Testing precedes being assigned to a personal trainer to provide information  regarding heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, muscular and cardiovascular fitness, etc.

All of this information is then developed into a fitness plan to creating a program that suits your own personal style and the areas you wish to target the most.

If a personal trainer is not for you, the REC also offers a variety of group exercise classes including PiYo, deep water aerobics, Zumba, cycle, hip-hop and many more.  These classes are not only a great way to meet other students on campus, but have fun working out at the same time.

The REC has services to benefit all of the students on campus as long as you choose to take advantage of what they have to offer. With college comes many changes, and it is a great time for all of us to make the decision to begin making choices for a healthy lifestyle.