Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated days of the year for women everywhere. Women plan this day out in their minds for months prior to Feb. 14. But normally it’s the men who make the plans for this day and more often than not they under plan and disappoint. Maybe it’s not their fault since women aren’t always honest about how important this day is, but no more excuses, men. Here are ten ideas for fun and romantic dates in the Boise area for men with a student’s budget.

For those who like a little isolation:

It’s always nice to have some privacy. A drive up to Table Rock to watch the sunset with a bottle of wine (or sparkling cider for those under 21) and a few blankets is the perfect time to be isolated from the city and have the chance to talk and be together without distractions.

For those who love the outdoors:

Even though it may be too cold to go on a hike or climb real rocks there is always indoor rock climbing. Full-time students can climb free at the Student Rec Center or if you want to get away from campus, take a trip across the connector to The Front Climbing Club on Chinden Boulevard. Rock climbing is the perfect way to get an adrenalin rush and have a little competition to see who can make it to the top first. Winner gets a “prize” of their choosing.

For the active couples:

Go to Ice World and hold hands while skating around the rink. After that, go to Wahooz and have fun playing all the arcade games, laser tag and riding go-carts. Make sure you get enough tickets to get your lady a prize that she’ll love.

For the home bodies:

Cook a five-course meal with a delicious desert, or if cooking is not your strong suit, order in and make it look like you cooked. Clean the house, light tea candles and dress up. Make sure it looks like you put a lot of effort into this or it could look like you were too lazy to make reservations.

For the fun loving:

Take your girl bowling; it’s a cheap, fun and flirty sport. Bowling doesn’t get any cheaper than at the Student Union Building and after you play a couple rounds bring her over to the pool tables and teach her how to play pool. Afterward grab a late night bite at a nearby restaurant.

For the adventurous couples:

Blindfold your date and take a drive beyond the city to an area with open fields, pull over to the side of the road and set up a picnic and play some music. Take her blindfold off and ask her to dance with you. Make sure she is dressed warm for this date. If you don’t have access to a car, the middle of the quad would also be fun.

For a couple undergoing a lot of stress:

Schedule a massage at The Student Rec or even take turns giving each other a full body rub-down. Afterwards have a nice dinner at home, rent a romantic movie and just enjoy each other’s company in the peace of your own home.

For the travelers:

Take a two-hour drive up to McCall, rent a cabin and have a weekend getaway. You can enjoy activities such as skiing, sledding and walking across the frozen lake. It’s always nice to have a weekend alone with the one you love.

For the brainiacs:

Go to the Discovery Center of Idaho. It’s inexpensive and there are many fun things to do and learn about. When you’re done checking out all the different exhibits and science projects, head over to the Boise Art Museum to soak up some art and culture. When you get hungry go to Mongolian BBQ off of Broadway Avenue and have fun concocting your own Mongolian meal.

For the energetic couples:

Have a night on the town. Go to Mai Thai Restaurant located downtown Boise and enjoy inventive Southeast Asian food. After that, walk the downtown streets and make a stop at a bar or club and go dancing.


Now that you have a list of just a few of the options for romantic dates in the Boise area there are no more excuses for those lame disappointing dates. You can mix and match or do more than one option. Whatever you do, take the initiative and make plans! You’re lady will be so happy and grateful that you put so much thought into it that I’m sure you will be rewarded later that night. So make it good fellas!